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I’m a portfolio manager of a venture studio at a university. We’re responsible for managing around 80 spinout companies within our portfolio. Currently, we’re gearing up to launch an internship program that bridges the gap between our students and our startup companies. Our goal is to create a seamless process that benefits both parties. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Rather than acting as intermediaries, we want an automated process that eliminates manual matchmaking. We want a system where students and companies can find their perfect match seamlessly, without involving us in screening students’ resumes, sending them to the companies, and waiting for the company’s response.

Our ideal CRM system should allow students to upload their personal information and resumes. Companies should be able to create their own logins to access student profiles. They can then choose students who align with their specific requirements.

If you’ve come across any CRM systems that fit our needs, please share your recommendations! We’re open to both established solutions and innovative platforms.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions! Thank you!

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