Hey Reddit community!
I recently launched my website https://www.marathon.design/ and would love to get your constructive feedback. I specialize in Brand Design, Web Design(wix & wordpress), and I’m eager to refine my craft.
Additionally, I’m actively seeking new work opportunities. If you know of any relevant openings or have advice on where to look, I’d greatly appreciate it!
Thanks in advance for your time and insights. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

PS: Actually I am just trying to look for some work, Even though i believe my work is decent, I have been without any work since past two months. This is me trying everything in my power to get my next meal sorted. I can do any work related to graphic may it be sales deck, corporate presentations, setting up digital infrastructure for a new upcoming brands I can do it all. Let me put it in this way if you are thinking of starting a new business , I can help you with all the things digital, from initial conceptualisation to logo to brand design to website to setting up your social media.

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