Hey everyone,
I’m reaching out to the creative minds for some much-needed assistance. I’m in the process of launching a new fashion brand that focuses on timeless business casual attire, and I’m on the hunt for the perfect name that encapsulates the essence of what my brand stands for. I already have some brand names that I was able to think about, but I would really appreciate it if something quick comes to your mind.
Here’s a brief overview of my brand:
Brand Description:
As I said, I am on my way to creating a fashion brand that combines classic elegance (business casual) with a contemporary twist. Inspired by the likes of Ralph Lauren, my vision is to blend timeless sophistication with modern sensibilities, offering high-quality clothing tailored for a business casual wardrobe.
Target Audience:
While initially targeting mainly males, I’m planning to expand to offer clothing for women as well. My brand aims to target individuals who appreciate timeless elegance, want to be able to have basics in their closet to combine them easily, and more focused on business casual wardrobe.
Brand Values:
Commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices, including the use of natural fabrics like cotton, Tencel, linen, silk, and sateen, as well as recyclable packaging.
Focus on exceptional quality and superior materials.
Designing versatile basics that seamlessly complement each other, allowing for effortless mixing and matching.
Now, onto the main point: I need your help in coming up with a name that perfectly embodies the spirit of my brand. I’m looking for something that is memorable, evocative, and reflective of the brand’s identity.
Whether it’s a play on words, a nod to classic fashion icons, or something unique, I’m open to all suggestions! Feel free to get as creative as you like, and any input or ideas you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I know you all have probably some other more important things to do, but if you have time to spare I would really appreciate every answer I would get.
Thank you in advance for your help. I can’t wait to see what amazing suggestions you come up with!
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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