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A very quick way to improve your results, is to seek out, and deploy, the small things that can have a huge, positive impact on your business.

Here are some ideas to quickly get you started.

Get connected

Every week, set time aside to connect with at least one of your customers or clients. Not to sell them something. Simply to ask how they’re doing and catch up with them. Business relationships become stronger, when they’re based on more than just selling.

There’s another huge benefit.

Ongoing communication with your customers helps you understand their challenges, their needs and their wants. This understanding makes it easier (and less risky), for you to successfully create useful new services or products.

Deep Work

There have never been more distractions fighting for your attention. That’s why in 2024, those who focus uninterrupted on their work give themselves a competitive advantage.

One way to do this, is to turn your phone’s notifications off when you’re working. And if possible, find somewhere to work where there are fewer distractions. This focused approach is also known as Deep Work, after the title of Cal Newport’s book.

By working with a deeper focus, you’ll get more done in less time. Deep Work tends to be of a higher quality, too.

Plan in advance

If you don’t know where you’re going, every road will take you there. That’s unproductive. It’s also why I recommend you plan your days, your weeks and your months in advance. After all, how can you know if things are going according to plan, if you don’t have a plan?

Flakey forms and sham spam

This idea takes no time and might stop you losing important sales enquiries. Go to your website and make sure your contact forms and subscriber forms are working. It only takes a few minutes, but it could help you avoid missing-out on an important business/sales enquiry.

Also, check your website’s spam folder. Genuine business contact form enquiries are sometimes wrongly filtered as spam and you never see them. I learned this one the hard way! It doesn’t happen often, but often enough to justify checking occasionally. Why not check your spam folder after you’ve finished reading this? It takes very little time.

In short, the small things in business can be hugely rewarding, but easy to miss. That’s why it pays to keep our eyes open.

Small ideas. Huge impact. Fast was written by Jim Connolly and originally published on Jim’s Marketing Blog