1. Meta launches music revenue sharing program, enabling creators to add licensed music to their content 
  2. YouTube adds new prompts for shorts content, new insights into channel recommendations
  3. TikTok launches new “order center” ecommerce tracking hub with selected users
  4. Experiment: Instagram SEO vs hashtags
  5. Why Mark Zuckerbug is talking so much about Meta’s Whatsapp for business



  1. Has TikTok surpassed Instagram as fashion’s favorite social media app?
  2. Instagram publishes new guide to setting up shops and product tags in the app
  3. Bethenny Frankel on why good ideas are not enough to be successful 



  1. What is overselling (+ how to prevent it)
  2. 20 retail skills to guide your store staff to success
  3. How to count and leverage footfall to increase sales

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