Keywords aren’t the only keys to discovering how your organization is perceived on social media. 

Melissa James, director of sales at Notified, discussed social listening and media monitoring with PR Daily’s editor-in-chief Allison Carter in a Power Conversation at PR Daily’s 2024 Social Media Conference at Disney World.  

In this conversation, James advised using alerts to monitor campaign performance, sentiment, and responses from your audience so that you’re ready to jump into any pertinent conversation.  

And beyond your own organization, James recommends keeping up with not just competitors, but also aspirational or inspirational organizations who might spark your next big social media moment.  

When tracking company language pertinent to your organization, be sure to include your organization’s name and the names of your executives, as well as stakeholders and jargon exclusive to or common in your industry.  

James also suggested keeping a close eye on your brand’s haters too, and to view negative comments and reactions — say, on a product launch — as opportunities to learn, grow and improve. “You can learn the most from the negative feedback,” James said. “The opportunity is key.” 

But of course, activating those users who leave positive feedback on your social media is an opportunity all its own: They’re the ones who can, with the right response, evolve from customer to fan. 

Watch below to learn tips for creating a press release designed for social rather than for a journalist, and explore the unsung benefits and what people often miss about social listening.   

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