Social Snowball: Shopify App for Affiliate, Referral, and Influencer Marketing

Acquiring new customers for your online store can be costly. Many store owners struggle with high customer acquisition costs (CAC) and constantly seek ways to maximize their return on investment (ROI) from marketing campaigns. Fortunately, there is a powerful solution that can help businesses harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing and turn their customers into revenue-generating affiliates.

Social Snowball

Snowball is a comprehensive word-of-mouth marketing platform that enables businesses to easily build, launch, and automate their affiliate, referral, and influencer programs.

By utilizing Snowball, businesses can:

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs by leveraging the power of referrals and affiliates
  • Increase revenue through targeted influencer marketing campaigns
  • Automate the onboarding process for affiliates and influencers
  • Eliminate affiliate code leaks and coupon abuse
  • Gain accurate attribution and ROI insights for their word-of-mouth marketing efforts

With Snowball, companies can effortlessly configure programs, track referral sales, send commission rewards, and streamline the process. Snowball features includes:

  • Affiliate Automation: Turn customers into affiliates automatically when they make a purchase.
  • Bulk Payouts: Send instant cash or gift card payouts to affiliates with just two clicks.
  • Influencer Attribution: Unlock accurate attribution and ROI for influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Program Management: Create and manage up to 10 different affiliate, referral, or influencer programs.
  • Safelinks: Protect against affiliate code leaks and coupon abuse.
  • Sign-Up Forms: Create custom sign-up forms and manually add affiliates with ease.

We really love Social Snowball! It’s perfect for our business, and their team is just awesome to work with. Everything we need for our affiliate and even influencer programs is right here. Don’t waste time looking elsewhere – Social Snowball has you covered!

Javy Coffee

To get started with Snowball, install the app from the Shopify App Store and follow the step-by-step setup guide. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy to configure your programs, onboard affiliates, and influencers, and start tracking referral sales quickly.

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