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As a content publisher, diversifying your revenue streams is incredibly important. Where we had a few major media outlets a couple decades ago and advertising was lucrative, today we have thousands of media outlets and content producers everywhere. No doubt that you’ve seen advertising-based publishers have to cut staff over the years… and those that are surviving are looking to other areas to produce revenue. These can be sponsorships, writing books, doing speeches, doing paid workshops, and designing courses.

One overlooked stream is starting an online store with relevant products. Having a podcast, for example, that is taking off can be supported with hats, t-shirts, and other merchandise. However, handling inventory, packaging, and shipping is a headache that you probably just don’t have time for. That’s where dropshipping is a perfect solution.

What is dropshipping and how does it work?

How Does Dropshipping Work?

The customer places an order in your store and pays you the X amount. The retailer (you) will need to purchase that product for the Y amount from the supplier, and they will ship the item directly to your customer. Your Profit is equal to = X – Y. The dropshipping model allows you to open an online store without having to carry any inventory at all.

Spocket: Browse Best-Selling Products From Reliable Suppliers

We’ve written about Printful, a dropshipping supplier in the past, that’s quite dominant in the marketplace. Printful offers the ability to customize and publish branded or designed solutions. Spocket is different in that you don’t have branding or customization capabilities… it’s a marketplace of proven products that already sell well.

Spocket is unique because it’s not just one supplier… it’s a collection of thousands of best-selling dropshipping products from reliable, quality suppliers. They have a combination of products from the USA, EU and globally, so you’ll be able to appeal to many markets – all over the world.

Their marketplace enables you to search and sort by shipping source, shipping speed, inexpensive shipping, inventory, price, relevance, and category:

browse dropshipping products spocket

Trending categories include women’s clothing, jewelry and watches, pet supplies, bath and beauty aids, tech accessories, home and garden supplies, kids and baby supplies, toys, footwear, party accessories, and more. Features include:

  • Samples: Order right from the dashboard in a few clicks. Easily test out the products and suppliers to build a reliable dropshipping business.
  • Fast-Shipping: 90% of Spcoket suppliers are located in the US and Europe.
  • Make a Healthy Profit: Spocket offers you 30% – 60% discount off of regular retail prices.
  • 100% Automated Order Processing: All you have to do is click the checkout button, and they take care of the rest. They process the orders and ship them to your customers. 
  • Branded Invoicing: Most suppliers on Spocket allow you to add your own logo and customized note to your customer’s invoice.
  • 24/7 Support: You can message any time of day, and we are ready to answer your queries.

Spocket also has one of the largest communities of dropshippers to learn from on Facebook!

Spocket Integrations

Spocket offers seamless integrations with BigCommerce, Shopify, Felex, Wix, Ecwid, Squarespace, WooCommerce, Square, Alibaba, AliScraper, and KMO Shops.

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Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Spocket and am using affiliate links throughout this article.

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