I could use some advice on how to modify my campaigns a bit to get the best results from my Google Ads campaigns. Our company is in the healthcare field, where sales are in the millions of dollars, but we also have a very long sales cycle (so if someone clicks, submits a conversion, it could be months before we see any revenue from them).
Keeping that in mind, our conversions are typically low, because of the fact that we’re in a niche market, but I want to improve my campaign performance to ideally get more conversions, without shooting my CPC into the heavens. But at the same time I’m wondering if I’m just wasting budget at this point without a target CPA.
I’ve got my campaigns set up as Max Conversions, but our target CPA would probably be a few hundred thousand based on our deal size. How would that impact my campaigns if I were to add that in? I don’t want to go from $5-$6 CPC to a $50 CPC, as that’s gonna really raise some flags.

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