Hello. I’m a little panicked lol. We have a new CEO and things are changing fast. Long story short, l’m feeling like I need to prove myself a bit.

Our initial meeting was intimidating. She asked me if I knew anything about CRMs and I said point blank, no. No, I do not. I said that I’m resourceful however and can learn how to use them no problem. Which is true, but she then asked me to get logged in and wants me to assess the usability of Salesforce.

I don’t know where to start. Our dev manager has given me all of her qualms with saleforce and, while I don’t have a point of reference for how it compares to other software, they seem legit. The main problem I guess is that we’re using the free version.

So l think CEO wants to know if I think using the free version could make sense despite managers concerns. All she said in her instructions were “look at it, get a sense for it, and let her know what I think about its usability”.

The other thing is that I am on the spectrum. I am very good at doing a variety of things, but when there’s any vagueness or generality in my tasks I totally panic.

Does anyone have any advice regarding how I should tackle this? Just familiarize myself with it? Try to address managers concerns?

I am definitely overthinking this but could really use some help understanding what I need to do right now and what info is particularly relevant to share when I speak with her.

Thank you!!

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