Hey Reddit!

I experienced a weird issue with Temu lately, and wondered if any of you have experienced something similar or can help me out.

For those of you who dont know, Temu is a rapidly growing onlinestore similar to Alibaba or Shein, selling very cheap low-quality products. When I googled my clients name yesterday for testing-purposes, I noticed that Temu ran a campaign with their brand name as keyword. Not only that, but they also put the (trademarked) brand name of my client in their title.

I tested it with other Google Ads clients of mine, and Temu seems to bid on a good portion of them, always on the brand term and with the brand name in the title. Even fairly small brands!

My question now, is there any way to stop Temu from using the clients trademarked name in their title? And Im also wondering if any of you experienced something similar. If its of importance, the ads I manage run in Germany.

Thanks for reading!

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