Your attitude towards book
marketing is what will make or break your book. Can you be optimistic in your
daily approach, opportunistic in creating chances to connect, sell, and succeed,
and overcome challenges, setbacks, and losses? 

Yes, you can.  

Instead of listing reasons why you can’t do
something, why something won’t work, or what seems to be missing, you should do
the opposite. Total up your assets and reasons that you will break through. It
is a ledger you must be ahead on.

Start to see the difference between permanent,
chronic, temporary, and one-time problems. Distinguish between what holds you
back: is it a person, place, or thing? Is it real or imagined? Is it physical,
digital, emotional, or spiritual?

You need “to get unstuck, unfucked, and
unleashed,” as the book, The Obstacle Is The Way, tells us.

You need to confront your holdbacks. Are they
unfounded suspicions or beliefs? Is it just inexperience? Was it one bad
experience ruining your mojo? We need to learn from the past, and affirm Ben
Franklin’s sentiment: “The things which hurt, instruct.” See opportunities in
your obstacles.

There are few optimal periods to take action,
and when they come, we may not be fully ready to engage or even aware that this
is our moment to shine. You simply need to act with a sense of urgency, of
“let’s go” and adopt an “It is time now” attitude.

Leave time to contemplate, research, and
visualize the future that you want — identify steps to be taken to get there —
and start executing action steps so that you build on a foundation that allows
you choice and flexibility. Plant the seeds today for the garden you want to
have tomorrow.

Forethought is important. Think ahead in
anything that you do. Guess how things will unfold, given certain
circumstances. What needs to be manipulated to our favor? Which obstacles must
be dealt with. What kind of chain reaction will your action or inaction set

Have a Plan B always. Then prepare to deal
with your new reality.

Never forget the basics: work hard and long
hours; network upwards; be charitable; and write books that people need or

“With anticipation, we can endure. We are
prepared for failure and ready for success.”

— The Obstacle Is The Way

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