The Divorce Upside: Finding You After Losing Him - Non Fiction Self Help Book Promotion by Kristy Bailey

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Shift your mindset and start seeing divorce as a gift of self-discovery—even if right now, it feels like your world has been turned upside-down.

There is a reason why traditional stress scales class divorce as one of the biggest challenges human beings can face.

When divorce happens, everything you took as a given—that your kids would live in your home all the time, that you would have a lifetime companion “in sickness and in health,” your financial security—are all called into question.

What’s more, one of the pillars of your identity is being a spouse and parent, and when divorce happens, it can seem like you have no idea which direction to take.

It is so easy to judge yourself as a “failure” when in fact, half of all first marriages end up in divorce, and second and third marriages end at a far higher rate.

Know that the “happy ever after” doesn’t have to involve a prince.

Your story starts within you and you are its protagonist.

Divorce gives you the chance to discover that you—and only you—are responsible for your happiness.

You choose how to interpret life and present yourself to others, and you decide the things you give value to.

You can choose to see villains and victims in your narrative, or be grateful for what you have (and what you had) and decide to build a beautiful, complete, and dynamic life.

Consider this book as a guide, shared by someone who has been through the same rollercoaster of emotions you are going through. It contains vital life lessons and a recipe to stop seeing your divorce as a “failure” and start seeing it as one of the greatest opportunities for growth you will ever receive.