The Goldstones and the Way - a historic fantasy book promotion by Sue Woolley

During a terrific storm, the pilgrims are translated to the Commonweal of Veylindré. When the rest are murdered by pirates, Abigail, a girl from 17th century England, vows to make a new life for herself in this strange world, with her boyfriend, Jacob. Some Dagâran people befriend them, and Abigail and Jacob soon realise that Veylindré is quite different to the England they left behind. All Veylindréans worship the Six, and are able to do magic by accessing the mysterious Way through their Goldstones. But they have an enemy, the Prophet of the One, who rules in Talamdor.

The quest begins… during their journey to Ranusheim, while Abigail is open to learning, and grows into her new role as an initiate of Ranu, Jacob struggles with accepting the Six. The choices they make in response to the changes they experience will have huge consequences for both their lives.