The Red Road - A historical fiction set in 1930s Maine historical Irish fiction book promotion by J.E. McCarthy

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There is no greater duty than family.

If your brother was murdered on a dark dirt road, would you wait for justice?

When teenager Jim McGinn is killed on a dark Maine road, the police want to call it an accident, but the facts don’t add up. Jim is a middle child of twelve children to a widow in depression era Maine. When his older brothers and extended family begin an investigation of their own, they soon find themselves at odds with the most powerful family in the county.  

Parker Moreland is the richest man in the county. Not only because he owns more land than everyone else, but because he is the biggest bootlegger in central Maine. In 1933, prohibition is coming to an end and the last thing he needs is an investigation to hamper his operations.  

Mary McGinn lost her husband with a brood of twelve children from teenagers to infants. She and the oldest boys have done their best to keep the farm alive during the midst of the great depression. But now she has to do the unthinkable and bury a child. In her mind, she wants to turn the other cheek, but in her heart, she knows that will never happen.

The Red Road pits rich against poor in a search for justice, but beyond that, it tests the limits of conscience when ordinary people are forced into extraordinary situations. Only the power of family will bring justice for Jim in book one of the McGinn Family Saga.