In today’s digital age, social media platforms play a pivotal role in shaping consumer behavior and influencing trends. Among the plethora of platforms, TikTok has emerged as a global phenomenon, particularly among younger audiences. For lifestyle brands looking to connect with this demographic and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world, following TikTok trends isn’t just a choice but a necessity. 

Reaching a younger demographic

TikTok boasts over a billion monthly active users, and a significant portion of its user base is composed of Generation Z and millennials. These are the consumers of today and tomorrow, making TikTok an invaluable platform for lifestyle brands to engage with a younger demographic. By staying attuned to TikTok trends, brands can effectively tap into the mindset, preferences, and aspirations of these influential consumers.

Authenticity and relatability

One of TikTok’s defining characteristics is its emphasis on authenticity. The platform thrives on real people showcasing their genuine selves, hobbies, and interests. Brands that align with this ethos by participating in TikTok trends convey authenticity and relatability to their audience. When consumers see a brand embracing TikTok trends, they’re more likely to perceive it as approachable and in touch with contemporary culture.

Staying current and relevant

TikTok trends are in a constant state of flux, reflecting the ever-evolving interests and behaviors of its users. By actively participating in these trends, lifestyle brands can demonstrate that they aren’t stagnant or out of touch but dynamic and relevant. This sends a powerful message that the brand is adaptable and ready to cater to the changing desires of consumers.

Harnessing viral potential

TikTok is renowned for its ability to turn ordinary content into viral sensations overnight. When a lifestyle brand jumps on a trending TikTok challenge or meme, it has the potential to reach millions of viewers within a short span of time. Virality can significantly boost brand visibility, create buzz, and introduce a brand’s products or services to an expansive audience.

TikTok made me buy it

The #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend is about TikTok users discovering and purchasing products from videos posted by others. This hashtag has generated billions of views on the platform and is driving substantial sales. It particularly strengthens community-driven commerce, with skincare, makeup, crafting supplies, and home improvement products being the most popular purchases. Brands leverage this trend through viral marketing campaigns, tapping into the influence of celebrities who review products or provide makeup tutorials, driving thousands of fans to buy these items. This phenomenon is a remarkable and seemingly effortless global trend, serving as an effective social media marketing strategy for various businesses, introducing consumers to new products and innovative uses for existing ones.


BookTok, or “Book TikTok,” is a thriving TikTok community passionate about literature. Users craft engaging videos around the books they read, transforming how books are discussed, reviewed, and recommended. It began as a simple hashtag but rapidly gained momentum, becoming a global hub for book enthusiasts. With billions of views, it’s now a major force, with retailers like Barnes & Noble dedicating sections to it. BookTokers, akin to Instagram’s Bookstagrammers, are influential figures with worldwide literary followers. They leverage their platform to endorse beloved books, introduce new authors, and nurture reader discussions through content on current reads, book hauls, and character insights.

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