The top 10 international Pay Per Click Industry News from March 8 to 15, 2024, commented live by Gianpaolo Lorusso, the founder of ADworld Experience.

In the video contents (in Italian) are exposed starting from the last one (as in any honorable top ten ;-))

1) New study on GAds optimization strategies in 2024 (and beyond)
Optmyzr released a report of the most successful strategies in Google Ads based on data collected from approximately 7,100 accounts spending more than $1,000/month

2) Google’s new SGE (Search Generative Experience) will reduce organic traffic
A new research predicts that the global rollout of Google’s new AI search experience will lead to a 25% to 60% drop in organic traffic (Marc McCollum – Raptive)

3) How to exploit settings, search terms and rankings in PMax
Frederick Valleys, Dmytro Tonkikh and Andrew Lolk explain how to set up well and use search and ranking data to improve PMax performance

4) Clear cut in GAds audiences after March 6th
Ruben Runneboom shared the data of a clear decline in many audiences after the transition to Consent Mode vers. 2 (I can confirm cuts of even over 50% in some cases)

5) Linkedin Ads expands the possibility of promoting content written by third parties
The “Tought Leader” program initially designed to promote content written by a company’s employees has now been extended to everyone

6) The latest news from Meta Ads
Lots of news coming from Meta + commentary on some details by Bram Van der Hallen (full recap)

7) New control check on advanced conversions included in the conversion diagnostics
Thomas Eccel has spotted a new control function on advanced conversion data inserted in the conversion diagnostic tab

8) Microsoft launches a new interface for the ad manager and full integration with Copilot
Hana Kobzova previews some screenshots of the complete restyling and the integration with Redmond’s AI engine (based on OpenAI)

9) Meta forces the expansion of audiences also on TOFU
Jon Loomer explains some interesting implications of the progressive move to automatically expanded audiences of Meta Ads

10) The next 6 months will be decisive for the fate of TikTok in the USA
US President Biden has made it known that if Congress approves the ban he will sign it (essentially either TikTok changes its corporate structure or it will be banned)


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