As the holiday spirit sets in, Toyota is celebrating the season of coming together with a special holiday message. ‘Bookstore,’ the first of two Toyota holiday ads, debuted last night during NBC’s primetime special, ‘Christmas in Rockefeller Centre,’ with a personalised throw from a show host.

‘Bookstore’ is a 60-second spot that shares the heart warming story of a young girl who gets inspired to collect gently used books from her community to restock her favourite local bookstore after it’s devastated by a fire. In the final scene, the girl presents the shop owner with her favourite book, purchased from his bookstore when she was younger, as community members come together to repair his storefront in a gesture of kindness. The shop owner is overwhelmed by the support from the community, especially after seeing that his inventory can be replenished thanks to the generous book donations delivered to him with help from a Toyota Tundra and Toyota Highlander. ‘Bookstore’ was created by Saatchi & Saatchi and directed by Ted Melfi.