I am currently using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 on-prem in a collection of VMWare Virtual Machines (VMs) on Workstation 17.0 out of my kitchen on my laptop for medical reasons. I am normally agains cloud anything and change of any kind; however, I am curious if there is a 100% free CRM that’s hosted off-site that does all the things my current legacy CRM does?

The things I need are:

  • Basic Contact/Account management
  • activity tracking (phone calls, emails, appointments, service appointments, etc.)
  • service module (cases, knowledge base, service contracts, etc.)
  • customizable (rename entities, add fields, create all new entities, etc.)
  • ability to import/export any part of my data on command
  • unlimited users (I don’t care about if there are ads so long as everyone on my team cam use CRM)

As of right now, the current system is working just fine however, I would prefer something that is externally hosted and 100% free of cost to me and my team, considering the medical significance of it all. And the reason I am looking for such a thing is mainly as a safety, net, considering that hard drives, crash, houses, go up in fires, etc. if I can take some of the burden of my CRM Off my property and put it into somebody else’s hands that would be helpful. Bear in mind I’m probably only using about 25 to maybe 55% of the current features in dynamic CRM version 4.0… However, I would like to use more of them, and potentially add new features into that skill set.

I know that some who might read this may think why on earth is this person needing an enterprise class platform for medical reasons… Well, I have a pretty severe memory condition, so my CRM pretty much runs my life as I can input the names of people I do business with, or even just friends and family, their contact points, every interaction myself a member of my team has ever had with them, and if a problem arises, send it through to a service case. And I know where everybody is using an integrated service calendar and I know where I am supposed to be using the same calendar. The result of, my CRM pretty much runs my life. I just need something as an extra bit of a safety net in the event of a hard drive, failure, computer, crash, housefire, etc.

Any assistance in all of this would greatly be appreciated, and I thank you for taking the time to read this

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