Hello everyone,

I started recently advertising my small video production business on adwords (desktop only) and I’m trying to understand what to do with the data I receive on the Landing Page Experience. I’m running 4 ad groups, each focused on a specific keyword family and each with its own landing page with the keyword on the link and on the page text.

I have cases where 2 words in a 3 word keyword match the page link and appear on the page and the keyword has an Average Experience, others in the same conditions have Below Average. I also have 2 words keywords that exactly match the link and appear on the text and are Below Average.

The best I have is Average and I can’t establish a clear link with it and the exact link and page wording. Also, does the number of impressions provide a more reliable ranking in page experience? I have some keyword where the experience ranking was attributed but the keywords had a couple or even zero impressions so far.

Do you have any insights?


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