Hello everyone,
I need some assistance regarding our Google Ads campaigns. We’re in the creative SaaS sector, targeting high-traffic keywords. Our campaigns have been running for almost a year, providing ample data for the algorithm.
In late December, we updated our keywords and implemented server-side conversion tracking for enhanced conversions. This update yielded positive results in the last week of December and throughout January, with increases in CTRs, impressions, and conversions. However, despite no changes on our end, February saw a significant downturn, and now we’re struggling to utilize our budget or gain impressions.
To detail our situation:
– November:
– Cost: $2,945.29
– Conversion Value: $10,597.13
– Impressions: 148,000
– Clicks: 17,859
– December:
– Cost: $2,409.35
– Conversion Value: $9,197.60
– Impressions: 124,000
– Clicks: 11,500
– January:
– Cost: $2,394
– Conversion Value: $8,450
– Impressions: 110,000
– Clicks: 9,860
– February (despite increasing our budget due to January’s performance):
– Cost: $748 (with a daily budget of around $200)
– Conversion Value: $1,243
– Impressions: 58,000
– Clicks: 5,500
– March (to date):
– Cost: $285
– Conversion Value: $18
– Impressions: 14,350
– Clicks: 1,476
We even altered our campaign’s target from ‘maximize conversion value’ to ‘maximize conversions’, yet saw no improvement in budget spending. Additionally, we installed Consent Mode V2 at the start of this month.
We’ve thoroughly checked all settings and variables but can’t pinpoint the cause of this sudden drop in campaign performance. We would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions from the community on what might be causing these issues and how to resolve them. I’ve also consulted with our designated Google expert, but unfortunately, they have not been able to offer any substantial or helpful solutions to address these issues.
Thank you!

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