Have you ever wanted to give your students a unique opportunity they’ll remember forever? 

The education industry is unique in the sense that there are many different decision-maker types: prospective students, parents, current students, alumni and donors.

Some of the common challenges faced by education marketers include:

  • Difficulties in segmenting prospects for a personalized marketing message
  • Challenges in engaging with prospective students
  • Difficulty in managing large volumes of leads and prospects

A solution to these problems is to use marketing automation for university and education. Marketing automation software streamlines lead capture forms with “lead magnets”, which are compelling content and offer value to people who decide to provide information about themselves.

What is Marketing Automation?

marketing automation for university and education

The concept of marketing automation has been around for some time. One of the earliest examples of marketing automation were introduced in early ’90s. Also, the CRM for marketers evolved into many different products, including the Post Bill CRM, Lead Scoring CRM, Smart Campaigns, and more.

Marketing Automation is a software system intended to help marketing professionals manage and coordinate digital marketing campaigns. It is an approach that can be applied to any digital marketing or customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

The primary function of marketing automation is to streamline and automate repetitive tasks, such as lead routing, email marketing, social media management, web analytics and content publishing.

How CRM and Marketing Automation for University and Education Work Together?

If you are an educational institution, you should begin using CRM to collect student data and profile your potential customers. CRM can be used to identify students with the most potential quickly; send automated emails or text messages to them; create profile summaries based on their responses; and much more. In addition, University Compliance Officers can use it to create a student database with the potential for increased revenue through targeted lead generation. Coupled with marketing automation for university and education, CRM can do wonders.

1 . Creation of automated email marketing campaigns for schools

Email campaigns are sometimes the most overlooked piece of marketing campaigns. However, if you are in charge of running email campaigns for your school, you should take the time to explore email marketing tools that are available to you. Marketing automation for university and education can simplify the task of lead generation, lead nurturing, and, of course, sending your emails.

As schools continue to gain awareness of how important email marketing is, it is worth looking at marketing automation for university and education tools to help you create email campaigns to engage your student population. As an educational institution, you likely have a dedicated marketing team that does a great job of attracting prospective students to your school.

Email Lead Nurturing

Automated email campaigns are best for lead nurturing. Lead nurturing aims to attract candidates by presenting unique selling elements of institutions and actively involving them throughout the process. In addition, automated lead management helps solve problems such as lack of customization, difficulty understanding the applications, and managing time and resources. Also, it helps you with complete demographic profile data, and preferences are necessary to share relevant content and send targeted email. 


Another powerful way to use automated email marketing is to set up email series leading up to school events such as campus tours, exhibitions, and online webinar events. When it comes to online events, you can even provide insightful content such as success stories. 

Using marketing automation for university and education, you can create workflows that trigger event-specific messaging and even use them to amplify the event.

2. Employ Education Marketing Automation for Your Landing Pages and Lead Capture Forms

The landing page of the institutions and education entities is the decisive factor and entry of prospects to lead nurturing. Communication via lead nurturing must meet the criteria of reliability, relevance, omnichannel support and impact relationship building.

Marketing automation for university and education is a powerful tool used to make sure that leads are being converted. It needs to be easy for people to sign up on your landing pages and contact forms. If they have a hard time clicking through the forms, they might leave and never come back again.

An important thing for marketers is to know their target audience to make them feel like it’s OK to sign up on their landing page or contact form.

3. How Schools May Use Marketing Automation for Social Monitoring

Universities and schools are not immune to the marketing world. Therefore, they need to track what is happening in their online world and be able to engage with their prospective students. This is where marketing automation tools come into play.

The goal of marketing automation for university and education is to keep potential candidates engaged and interested. In addition, schools can use marketing automation tools to monitor social media posts to find out what students are talking about specifically. It gives schools the ability to stay up-to-date with the latest conversations around them and their competitors to better design their content for social media.

4. Set up Student Lead Scoring System with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation for university and education facilitates a meaningful flow of inbound lead traffic from prospect to sales. With an inbound marketing campaign in place, you can scale lead generation and sales activities. 

A lead tracking system compounded with lead scoring practices is a vital combination for marketers. Without it, it can be challenging to track leads, legibly score leads, and convert them into customers. CRM helps universities and schools create targeted email campaigns—one-off or ongoing—for their students, employees, and community members. Lead scoring systems combine data from multiple sources to give marketers a more meaningful view of their prospects’ behaviors, likes and dislikes.

5. Access Data and Analytics through your School’s Marketing Automation System

A university or school that is already using marketing automation software has a wealth of data on their prospective candidates. They can easily access and use this data to identify what makes their candidates want to attend their institution and what could make them want to stay with the organization in the future.

Administrators, admissions staff can use this information, and student recruitment teams to better understand the needs of the school’s target audience. That way, they can deliver more relevant messages and create more compelling content for potential students.


With the rise of online education, it is becoming clear that universities need to adapt to changing consumer behavior. Education marketing strategies are moving away from traditional marketing, with predictive analytics and automation becoming key drivers of education marketing strategy. Marketing automation for university and education represents a shift away from one-off emails, toward more personal interactions.

Of course, marketing automation requires advance planning and technical and marketing expertise, but it’s always worth investing in for continuous success.

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