Dear marketing managers,

As a marketing student, I’m currently working part-time for three separate companies that closely collaborate. These include a manufacturer supplying paint materials to wholesalers, a painting company, and a business specializing in renovating holiday homes and managing reception services. My responsibilities encompass SEO, social media ads, Google Ads, content creation, and website design.

As I delve into these fields, I find myself in need of better structure and strategy to work effectively. I’m seeking valuable tips, tricks, and guidelines that can help me enhance my skills and achieve my goals.

What specific strategies have you found effective for similar businesses? Do you have experience with collaboration among different companies within one industry? How can I best address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this specific industry?

I’m particularly interested in learning about specific frameworks, workflows, and best practices that have proven successful. Any advice, insights, or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and expertise!


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