I have a set list of about 120 “businesses” uploaded into the Marketo database. They have custom fields associated with them such as Client ID, Brand Color Hex integer, and Client Logo. When we send out a mass email to individual people, we need those values from the “Business” entity to dynamically populate in the email template based on the individual person’s Client ID # that is related to the business Client ID. e.g. Persons 1-10 have a client ID of 025 Persons 11-20 have a client ID of 118 All of the custom fields associated with that client ID in the database need to dynamically populate in an email for each person. The issue is, when we go to test the email, only the first person on the list gets the correct color / logo associated with that client. The rest of the people on the list get the email but without the client’s logo/colors added. Any advice?

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