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Web application developers and marketers face the relentless challenge of understanding user behavior, enhancing user experience, and optimizing their online presence. Data-driven decisions are vital, yet data collection and analysis complexity often become a stumbling block. Organizations, particularly in healthcare, finance, and government sectors, require sophisticated solutions to harness the vast amount of data their web applications generate.

Webtrends Analytics for Web Apps

Webtrends stands at the forefront of web analytics solutions, offering unparalleled on-premises analytics for web applications. Founded nearly three decades ago, Webtrends has been instrumental in shaping the web analytics domain, providing comprehensive and secure data handling tailored to your organizational needs. By integrating Webtrends Analytics into your web applications, you can expect to:

  • Gain comprehensive insights into user behavior and application performance.
  • Enhance decision-making with data-driven strategies for improved user experience and engagement.
  • Increase return on investment by identifying and leveraging high-performing campaigns and content.
  • Ensure data security and compliance, particularly critical for sensitive industries.

Features include:

  • Action Tracking: Track user interactions such as button clicks and navigation steps within your sales funnel, offering a complete overview without data sampling.
  • Analytics Dashboards: Gain control with pre-built and customizable dashboards, showcasing essential metrics like visitor counts, page views, and geographical data.
  • Custom Reporting: Tailor reports to meet the specific needs of your organization, with extensive customization options for more meaningful data interpretation.
  • Data Exports: Access your data your way, with exports available in formats such as XML, JSON, HTML, CSV, or Excel, including on-demand or scheduled reports.
  • Internal Search Analysis: Enhance your web app’s usability by understanding how users interact with your internal search, identifying effective and ineffective search terms.
  • Out-of-Box Reports: Utilize extensive pre-configured reports tailored for web applications, such as campaign performance and page effectiveness analysis.
  • Security: Ensure data security, especially crucial for industries requiring on-site data retention, like healthcare, finance, and government.

Webtrends Analytics Reports for Web Apps

Webtrends provides extensive reports for web apps to cater to various analysis needs. Here is a summary list of the available reports, grouped by categories:

Site Design Reports:

  • Entry Pages: Discover the most common starting pages for your site visits.
  • Exit Pages: Identify where users most frequently leave your site.
  • Content Groups: Analyze grouped page content, such as different news categories.
  • Directories: View the most accessed content directories.
  • Pages: Understand which pages are the most popular.
  • Page View Trend: Monitor when your pages are most active.
  • Single-Page Visits: Identify pages causing users to bounce.
  • Downloaded Files: See which files are most downloaded from your site.
  • Accessed File Types: Discover the most accessed file types.

Traffic Reports:

  • Referring Site: Find out which sites are referring traffic to your site or app.
  • Referring Domain: Identify the domains referring traffic.
  • Referring Page: Determine specific pages referring traffic.
  • Initial Referrers: Understand the first referrer for new visitors.

Campaign Reports:

  • Campaign IDs: Assess the performance of e-mail and paid advertising campaigns.
  • Campaigns by Countries: Identify campaign performance by country.
  • Campaigns by New vs. Returning Visitors: Compare campaign success between new and returning visitors.
  • Same Visit Campaign IDs: Analyze first-visit campaign performance.
  • Campaigns: Attribute campaigns to specific marketing elements.
  • Campaigns By DMA: Attribute campaigns by Designated Marketing Area.

People Reports:

  • Countries: See the top countries of your site visitors.
  • Regions: Identify the top geographic regions of your visitors.
  • North American States and Provinces: Segment visits by North American locations.
  • Cities: Segment visits by originating cities.
  • Organizations: View the most active visiting companies.
  • Authenticated Username: Track activity by logged-in users.

Search Reports:

  • On-Site Searches: Learn about the most popular search terms on your site.
  • On-Site Searches: Not Found: Identify unsuccessful search terms.

Technology Reports:

  • JavaScript Versions: Understand the JavaScript versions supported by your users’ browsers.
  • Browsers: Identify the most popular browsers among your visitors.
  • Browsers by Version: Get insights into the browser versions used.
  • Spiders: Identify visiting robots, spiders, and crawlers.
  • Platforms: Understand visitor platform distribution.

Activity Reports:

  • Visits by Number of Pages Viewed: Analyze the number of pages viewed per visit.
  • Visits by Day of the Week: See activity trends throughout the week.
  • Hits by Day of the Week: Monitor daily activity in terms of hits.
  • Visits by Hour of the Day: Discover hourly visit trends.
  • Hits by Hour of the Day: Analyze the most and least active hours.
  • Visit Duration by Visits: View visit lengths and their frequencies.

Collectively, these reports provide a holistic view of user interaction, campaign effectiveness, and site performance, helping organizations drive better decision-making and optimize their web applications.

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