Without consulting any studies, statistics, or polls, I would say that the best cities for book lovers are those with literate, educated, and book loving people. I would think places with lots of intellectual entertainment centers —museums, theaters, bookstores, libraries, colleges — would be where biblipphiles are drawn to. Based on that, I’d rank these cities as book-loving places:

  1. New York City

  2. Los Angeles

  3. Boston

  4. Chicago

  5. Austin

  6. Nashvillie

  7. West Palm Beach

  8. Minneapolis

  9. Houston

  10. Atlanta

  11. Denver

  12. Portland

  13. Washington, D.C

  14. Seattle

  15. Providence

However, that is just based on my gut instinct. I have little to back any of this up. But www.lawnlove.comrecently ranked the best cities for book lovers. Their formula included access to public libraries, book stores, book clubs, events, and Little Free Libraries.  

Their Top 10 locations are: 


  1. Pasadena, CA

  2. Seattle, WA

  3. Jersey City, NJ

  4. Eugene, OR

  5. NY, NY

  6. Portland, OR

  7. Alexandria, VA

  8. Garden Grove, CA

  9. Oakland, CA

  10. Denver, CO 

The 10 worst places out of 200, are: 

200. Sunrise Manor, NV

199.Joliet, IL

198. Enterprise, NV

197. Olathe, KS

196. Corpus Christi, TX

195. Palmdale, CA

194. Moreno Valley, CA

193. Henderson, NV

192. Spring Valley NV

191. Browsville, TX

Planning to move or go on vacation? Try one of America’s best places for book lovers!

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