Mobile games have become part and parcel of our daily lives. Whether waiting for ordered food to be delivered or passing time, such games have always been the right companion to keep us entertained. Nowadays, people don’t want to download different mobile gaming apps in a row. They prefer downloading a multigame app that hosts various lightweight games to play at wish. One such popular multigame app is Mobile Premier League (MPL). Let us discover the most-loved mobile games on this trusted platform.

Most popular games on MPL: An avenue for entertainment

1.   Crash

Who does not like to watch rockets flying? What if you can predict when an animated rocket will crash and earn money from your prediction? Crash is an MPL brainchild that lets players predict when a rocket will crash and multiply their betting money. There is a catch. You will have to study the history of joining a room where a rocket is about to take off. Check the previous trajectory records and guess a Crash game. Use the betting multiplier as per your prediction and win cash rewards. Remember, the longer the rocket stays in the air, the more your betting amount will be multiplied. So, cash out before it plunges to the surface and enjoy the thrill.

2.   Block Puzzle

The name might not sound overwhelming, but the levels are. Block Puzzle is a masterpiece of MPL where you get a puzzle board and three blocks to set at a time. These blocks vary randomly in shape, and only three appear on the bottom tab. You aim to set these blocks on the board and complete lines vertically, horizontally, or both. The more lines you complete in one chance, the higher combo points you can earn. The challenge is to achieve a score before the board space gets exhausted. This game also offers a handsome reward if you complete a challenge.

3.   Ludo Dice

Ludo Dice is the digital makeover of the traditional Ludo, the classic board game. The online mode connects you with unknown players worldwide. You can play with Ludo experts by matching their levels and experience. Enjoy the thrill of capturing the tokens of opponents and scoring more points. These Ludo versions are shorter than the traditional ones. So, you will not have to spend hours playing this board game but still have the age-old fun.

4.   Snakes & Ladders

Another classic board game is Snakes & Ladders. MPL has given a modern twist to this classic board game. Previously, we had to worry about landing on the snakes’ mouths and losing our progress. Now, we have to take three tokens from 1 to the 100th block to avoid being captured by the opponents. The snakes are still there guarding specific blocks. The ladders will help you skip moves and complete the track faster. The thrill of avoiding the guarding snakes and using the ladders to outsmart the opponent never gets old in this game. You can play with an unknown player online in this app. Win a challenge and get rewarded by MPL. You can encash this reward and quickly withdraw it to your bank or UPI account.

5.   3 Card Flush

3 Card Flush is an age-old card game where you get three cards distributed in the beginning. This card game uses the traditional deck of cards with four suits and 52 cards. The ace is the highest, and the two is the lowest card considered here. Every player will make combinations with the available cards in hand. The highest-ranked combination will win the table.In the meantime, players can play this game blind without seeing the cards or by seeing them. You can raise your bet and spin the game a little considering the hand rank. Let the opponents feel the heat. Your analytical skills and bluffing will help you win this game. When you have sharpened your skills, play in professional tournaments to win big cash rewards.

6.   Draw 4

Who does not love to play UNO? This game has been a favorite for decades in families. MPL has taken this game’s popularity to the next level by creating a digital version called Draw 4. Fans can now connect with their families and peeps by creating private rooms. They can also challenge random players online and play a hand of Draw 4. The rules are pretty much the same as the conventional card game. You will have cards of numbers ranging from zero to nine. There are special cards to change the direction of this game, skip a player’s turn, change colors, and even make the next opponent draw two or four cards. You can also use your UNO skills to play Draw 4 online and win cash rewards by challenging real players.

7.   Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a century-old classic card game. It is a classic variant of Rummy, where two players get ten cards each. You will create a series of the same cards of different suits or sequences of the same suit by picking one card at a time. These combinations are called melds in Gin Rummy. Whoever completes creating melds with ten cards wins the game. MPL conducts daily contests where you can compete with real players. Winners get a chance to win cash rewards in this game, too. 

8.   Spades

Spades is another classic card game that stood the test of time. Even in this modern age of mobile gaming, it still holds a formidable place for fans. In this game, a spade is always the trump suit. Players get thirteen cards in the beginning. Every player will call the tricks he can manage from the cards. If a player recovers all claimed tricks, he scores full. If not, he scores negative points. In the end, the highest scorer wins.

Download the MPL app today and play these games!

Why wait? Download MPL and find the mobile games you like to play. Develop your skills and get a chance to win cash rewards by defeating players online. MPL offers joining bonuses for all enlisted mobile games to new users. It also provides regular rewards and bonuses to keep you enjoying the thrill of these popular games.

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