I like most marketers love to track performance of, well, everything.

I have been looking at fluctuating leads volumes especially of late and wondered what the biggest number of leads per month anyone has generated.

Our goal is always to grow our clients business and help them scale with operational support and hiring once their campaigns are pumping along.

Our best is currently 807 (average) SQL’s per month for one of our larger more established clients (plumbing). That said we have smaller clients which sit around 95 SQL’s per month (pool builder and mobile spray tanner). I get that there are different levels of demand and seasonality with lots of different niches but does anyone set themselves a minimum at all?

It’s not a money issue as lots of the accounts have spare budget to spend each month. It’s like there isn’t enough demand but they have competitors so that makes that theory impossible.

It only been something that’s really bugged me in the last 6 months or so. I know there are ways to increase but doing so pushes the cost per conversion beyond what would be considered profitable (>$65 CPC in niches with an average sale of $300-$600 meaning you would need a website conversion rate of >30% (almost impossible) and a sales conversion rate >90% (difficult) just to break even @ $35 min wage).

Excited to hear thoughts on this.

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