When Things Fall Apart (The Kit Hanover series Book 1) book promotion by Alan Brenham


Rookie homicide detective Kit Hanover is eager to prove herself, but her enthusiasm is met with skepticism from her new partner—a seasoned veteran with a deep-seated disdain for Native Americans. Their already tense relationship reaches a breaking point when Kit’s first murder case spirals into a personal nightmare, leading to her reassignment.

Undeterred, Kit continues to investigate the case on her own time, even as it takes a harrowing toll on her. But the stakes escalate beyond anything she could have imagined. An enigmatic madman sets his sights on Kit and her family, launching a series of inexplicable attacks that defy reason.

As she delves deeper into the labyrinth of lies and deceit, Kit realizes she’s not just solving a murder—she’s fighting for her own life. The final confrontation looms, and when she comes face-to-face with the killer, it’s a battle of wills where only one can emerge victorious.