I’m beginning my journey on learning Google Ads through the skillshop platform. I wanted to know what module you guys think I should begin with to go “in order” per se.

Would you say the search module? Display? AI powered ads?

Also do you recommend some sort of background before starting? It is said that you don’t require any experience or knowledge before starting but I do feel like if you don’t own a business it’s not exactly beginner friendly content. I will learn along the way and am doing other courses in marketing as well.

I just want to know where you guys think I should start. Asking different LLM’s wasn’t very helpful as it would say to start with Search, and AI powered ads LAST. However, the search module contains 99% Ai related content which is deemed “intermediate” by skill shop as opposed to “beginner”. I just want to go in the most logical order.

Thanks for your time!


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