I would like some advice for my project. Bellow will be a detailed description of what I want to achieve and where I’m stuck.

I love travelling and taking photos, so I would like to make it more like a professional hobby than just something random I’m doing on my side. Since I’m looking for job in marketing/digital media, I thought that going publicly online I could create my own professional experience. My main goal is to create a travel blog and photography website all-in-one. So people could read about my different experiences and see my beautiful photos that I could probably sell later (why not?).

But I have two main problems right now about that.

Finding a name for my website and social media

a) I did some brainstorming, got help from freelancer, etc. I still have difficulty deciding for a name that will last and that I will love. Some names I really loved from my brainstorming were already

b) As a French speaker, I don’t know which language my name should be. My goal is to write in French, but as someone who also have lot of English speaking friends and being part of multiple English travel groups, I also plan to be multilingual. Will a French only name be something that non-french people will avoid because they couldn’t pronounce the name correctly?

Adding a portfolio website on my resume

I’m not sure it looks very professional to have a travel website name on a resume instead of your_name.com. I’m now considering creating a quick Squarespace portfolio for my photos, but it sounds like a duplicate of what will be on my travel related website. Whatever, one could be about travel/country related photos and one about any kind of photos I take like travel/landscape, aviation, wildlife, but at the same time, I also plan to get wildlife on my travel/photo website.

What are your opinions on that?

Thank you very much for your advice!

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