So our company is restructuring and as part of that restructuring my title is changing from Growth Marketing Manager to a more generic Product Marketing Manager title that includes our product name. It’s not a bad restructuring; I’ve been with the company for just over a year and was brought on to primarily help with a project related to launching their new website + supporting with demand gen. The project was a success and now they see me as a better fit in a more product-focused role. My biggest concern is that my current title is pretty attractive, and i’m afraid my new title may be a step down career-wise. I know they’re different roles, but which one is generally seen as the better of the two? (there’s room for negotiation)

Also (mostly) unrelated, but I was headhunted recently for a Content Lead role and am in the middle of the interview process. I’m pretty happy at the company that I’m at and not necessarily planning to leave, but the salary is much better at the new company so there’s a chance I’ll move if the interview goes right. My question is, if I move I’d be giving up a guaranteed bonus at my current company – is it okay to negotiate for a comparable sign-on bonus or would that be considered unrealistic?

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