I know that many brands have people in-house and that not all use agencies of course.

But for the brands that DO use agencies, I don’t get it.

I’m actually IN an agency and I ask because I see how inefficient (and expensive!) we are and I just wonder from the client’s perspective, why are they with us? Why don’t they just get 1 expert that can be full time in the account doing everything they want to be doing?

Even with 3 people in an account, we are still super inefficient and simple things take a long time to get done just because of course we are also on other accounts so we’re all spread thin.

Comparing what the salary of one expert would be vs what they are paying us, I don’t get it.

Even if they would pay somebody $100K/year, that would still be 4x cheaper than what they pay us as an agency.

Am I missing something?

EDIT: I guess one advantage would be that with an agency, you’ll always have someone doing something in the account even if it’s suboptimal and takes longer vs if you have 1 expert and he quits or just disappears, then you’re left hanging until you can find someone else.

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