What holds authors
back from not marketing their books, aside from the obvious: lack of knowledge,
skills, resources, connections, or time, or money?

It is you, dear author, and your mental
approach to your book marketing, maybe even your life, needs to be readjusted.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • Believing you’re just not good enough. You lack
  • Feeling
    you don’t have the energy it takes. No pep on your step. You need better
  • Mistaking
    rules — whether set by you or another — for absolute truths. You can find
    workarounds and make exceptions for new circumstances.
  • Not really wanting to do the work. Laziness won’t be
  • Not pushing yourself to the highest level. You lack
    inspiration or motivation.
  • You set such ambitious
    goals that you don’t know where to begin. Don’t burden or overwhelm
    yourself, crippling and undermining your dream.
  • Holding out for optimal conditions to get going or to
    expand. You can’t wait for the perfect storm to strike. Acting now often
    beats all strategy. 
  • Requiring specific tools or resources to get the job
    done. Stop stalling or making excuses — go to war with the soldiers you
    have available.
  • Abandoning things as soon as they get difficult. Show
    some resilience and nerve. Stick with it.
  • Feeling as if you need permission or someone’s
    authorization to move forward. You don’t. 
  • You perceive problems or shortcomings that don’t exist
    or can be overcome and dealt with. Choose optimism. See possibilities not
  • Failing to stay informed and up-to-date about
    successful and strategic ways to sell your book.
  • Not acting on all of the good advice you were given. 
  • Expecting or demanding results without sacrificing some
    of your time.
  • Believing that you can’t or won’t market your book, but
    failing to hire others who could help you.
  • Having too many ideas and not knowing where to start,
    feeling overburdened and unfocused.
  • Procrastinating, making excuses, and avoiding your
  • Prioritizing other activities over your commitment to marketing
    your book.

Stop being your own worst enemy. Don’t be the
bottleneck to your book marketing success.

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