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16 Top Websites for Royalty-Free Images (2024)



Creating a captivating video requires high-quality visuals to grab and hold your audience’s attention. However, finding copyright-free images can be hard work.

Don’t worry, this blog will introduce you to the best copyright and royalty-free image websites in 2024, empowering you to create stunning content without limitations.

Before we dive in, a word of caution: It’s crucial to be mindful when using free images online. Just because an image is freely available doesn’t mean it’s free for all uses.

Here are some tips to navigate the world of free images:

Read the license: Every website has its licensing terms. Look for “Creative Commons” licenses that outline usage rights, like attribution (giving credit to the creator). 

Search by License: Most websites have filters for license types. Refine your search to “Royalty-Free” or “Creative Commons”.

Respect the Artist: Even with free images, attribution is often appreciated, a small gesture that goes a long way.

Now, let’s explore some great websites for royalty-free images!

Free Image Powerhouses

Adobe Stock offers a complete collection of high-quality images, videos, vectors, and illustrations refreshed monthly. It’s integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Users can access millions of assets directly from Adobe’s design software.

Pros: High-quality content, a diverse range of images, easy integration with Adobe software, the option to purchase individual images or subscribe for unlimited downloads.

Cons: Limited free offerings, premium subscription required for full access.

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A community favorite, Unsplash boasts a vast collection of stunning, high-resolution photos. Free for commercial and non-commercial use, often with no attribution required (check individual licenses).

Pros: Free to use for commercial and personal projects, no attribution required for most images, frequent updates with new content.

Cons: Limited search filters and common images across platforms may reduce uniqueness.

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Pixabay offers over 4 million royalty-free images, videos, illustrations, and vectors. Perfect for finding unique visuals to add flair to your videos.

Pros: Wide variety of content, free for commercial use without attribution, API access for developers.

Cons: Quality may vary across images, common images shared with other platforms, and limited advanced search options compared to premium services.

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Another heavyweight contender, Pexels offers a diverse library of royalty-free images and videos. Easy to browse and filter by license type.

Pros: Wide collection of images sourced from photographers and other creators, free for commercial use, no attribution required, constantly updated, simple and intuitive interface.

Cons: Limited advanced search filters, and occasional inconsistencies in image quality.

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Freepik goes beyond photos offering a wide range of design resources, including icons, PSD files (editable Photoshop files), and free vectors. A great resource for branding and design elements.

Pros: Versatile content library, easy navigation, free and premium options available, frequent updates, ideal stock website for graphic designers and marketers.

Cons: Free versions may have limitations such as slower downloads and fewer resources.

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Creative Commons Gems

Flickr houses a vibrant community of photographers, many sharing their work under Creative Commons licenses. Refine your search by license type to find the perfect free image.

Pros: Vast collection of user-generated photos and videos, a wide range of subjects and styles, flexible licensing options.

Cons: Quality may vary among user-generated content.


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Wikimedia Commons is a treasure trove of historical and cultural images, it has many free commercial uses under Creative Commons licenses. Over 100 million freely usable media files, to which anyone can contribute.

Pros: Extensive collection covering a wide range of topics and themes, free use for both commercial and non-commercial projects.

Cons: Occasional difficulty in finding specific or niche content, some files may have usage restrictions depending on licensing. 


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A vast collection of royalty-free images submitted by users. FreeImages offers professional and amateur photos, with Creative Commons licensing. 

Pros: Large and diverse library, free for commercial use.

Cons: Quality mix, limited search functionality.



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Beyond the Usual Suspects

Quirky and eye-catching, Gratisography offers a unique collection of free, high-resolution images, updated weekly. The platform offers unique visuals suitable for creative projects without imposing usage restrictions.

Pros: Always free, unique, and eye-catching images, free for commercial use, easy to browse and download.

Cons: Limited search functionality, smaller library compared to larger platforms, may only suit some project themes or requirements.



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Hand-picked, royalty-free illustrations and icons. Perfect for finding authentic and relatable visuals. Reshot emphasizes authenticity and creativity, making it suitable for various projects.

Pros: Authentic and high-quality visuals, easy to browse and download, emphasis on community and creativity.

Cons: Smaller libraries compared to larger platforms, limited search filters, may not have as many images in specific categories.



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Created by e-commerce giant Shopify, Bust provides a collection of stunning, product-focused royalty-free images ideal for marketing videos. The platform offers free access to its library, making it ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Pros: Suitable for commercial projects, diverse categories related to e-commerce and business, and high-quality visuals.

Cons: Limited non-commerce options, smaller library compared to larger platforms.



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A curated collection of beautiful, free stock photos focused on nature and lifestyle photography. Picjumbo offers both free and premium options, catering to different user needs.

Pros: High-quality visuals, easy navigation, frequent updates, suitable for various projects and themes.

Cons: Premium subscription is required for full access to all images, and limited search filters compared to premium stock image providers.



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Kaboompics offers free, high-resolution photos focused on minimalism and clean aesthetics. The platform provides a collection of images accompanied by color palette suggestions, making it stand out among other stock photo websites. Users can easily explore images based on specific color schemes.

Pros: Unique images with suggested color palettes, no attribution required for most images, easy-to-navigate interface, suitable for various design projects.

Cons: Limited search filters compared to larger platforms, a smaller library of images, primarily focused on single images rather than themed collections.




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Global Delights

The video counterpart to Pexels offers a growing collection of royalty-free video clips. Pexels Videos allows you to download and use video clips for free, including commercial projects, without paying royalties.

Pros: High-resolution videos, clear licensing information, user-friendly interface.

Cons: Focus on short clips, there might be less consistency in quality and style compared to curated paid libraries.




Browse Coverr’s library of free video templates and customize them with your media. Coverr is great for creating quick social media videos.

Pros: Free and easy to use, diverse templates, customization options, royalty-free media.

Cons: Limited customization, it doesn’t provide the same level of creative control as professional video editing software, and the free plan includes watermarking.





16. Videvo

A haven for royalty-free video footage, motion graphics, and music tracks. Videvo has carved a niche as a source for royalty-free video content. It boasts a vast collection of royalty-free video footage, motion graphics, and music tracks. 

Pros: Videvo offers a good mix of free and premium content, it offers motion graphics and sound effects.

Cons: Some of the highest-quality content and features require a premium subscription.





With a little exploration, you can unlock a world of free and copyright-compliant images, taking your video creations to the next level. Remember, responsible image usage is key. By following these tips and exploring the resources above, you’ll be well on your way to crafting visually stunning and legally sound videos.

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