Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

TLDR: Businesses pay for sales. We help make sales by purchasing advertizing in massive quantities and get 55% of the commission on the sale. This is a hands off business. Initial funding is about $50USD per 10 days for 2 months, then it self-funds from the profits. Your investment keeps your bot working whilst you wait for the commissions to be paid out (21-80 days after sale is made, depending on vendor – Because of  Customer right to return, warranty period etc.). You get a loan of $50 to get started and feel comfortable before needing to top up the account.

Affiliate marketing is making money online, selling products to people and gaining a commission or cashback from the sale. The product can be anything from almost any site that sells something.  You can be an affiliate for AliExpress to CheapOAir.  

Access to affiliate links are usually found at the bottom of the opening page on the website. Click on the word “affiliate” get your link and send it to your peeps.  You get a commission from every sale made with your affiliate link from each particular site. 

Send a friend your Rental Car affiliate link, Walmart, Travelocity – so many to choose from – and they make a purchase, you get paid.  Super awesome, right?  Get paid while doing what you really want to be doing. What can be better than that???  

So many people are earning tons of cash using affiliate marketing it’s not funny.  I see people using places like Click Bank and JVZoo, getting commissions in the 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars.  It is an awesome way to earn a great income online.  

But there’s a catch.  You have to be on top of it on a daily basis.  Analyzing the data for clicks vs purchases, finding the right niches to offer products in. THEN targeting the right audience for those products.  This is HUGE.  And VERY time consuming and expensive.  Yes, buying advertising is a must for this type of making money online.  Advertising is a must for ANY way to make money online. No visitors = no sales. 

Then you have to know where to place the advertising to make the sales.  Sure, you can use link exchange sites and traffic generators. SPend hours a day looking at other people’s websites so they can view yours.  You will get SOME results, but for the time needed to set them all up, then do the exchanging and monitoring to better make money online – It’s time away from what you would rather be doing. 

What if there was a way to set an affiliate marketing system in place, where it was set it and forget it?  Meaning more time for that vacation with your family.  More time to live your life rather than having your life live you.

A system where ALL the affiliate links are created for you, with over 20,000 different companies linked with YOUR affiliate code with all the advertising done for you. All you need to do is sign up, click a few buttons, set an advertising budget and let it do it’s thing to earn very good income online.  Gaining you  25 to 35% profits a month.  No inventory, no selling, no shipping or customer service issues.  

Making money online has never been easier.  

That’s not very much profit, you say?  Well, think about it.  Any business out there will require you to A) set up a web page and/or rent space (brick and mortar).  B) Let people know about the business.  C) THEN you have to entice your customers to buy the product/service you are selling.  

At the end of the day, anywhere from 65 to 75% of the gross revenue will be paid out in business expenses toward that end.  Most businesses will be more than that, perhaps running at a loss until your name gets out there and you have regular customers.  This can take one to 3 years. Trust me – been there, done that.  

What if there was a better way? 

Thankfully, there is. I give you AI Marketing.  AI = Artificial Intelligence.  Marketing – Making money online. 

The pure basics of this business is advertising. That’s right – Pay for the advertising and the rest is done for you.  You can’t get away with NOT advertising to make money on line or anywhere else for that matter.  30% of gross income (minimum) from ANY business on line or off, needs to be put toward advertising.  It is a must for any kind of earning, online or off.  From selling t-shirts to cars to travel to well, anything.  

The most effective way is to use a robot that super target’s your ad’s for you.  No, I ‘m not just talking about a robot to do just your ads for you.  There is more to it than that. The robot also sets up all your affiliate links as well.  Potentially thousands of them and all targeted to what is trending on line at the time of placement.  AI at it’s best.   

With AI Marketing, all the products are supplied for you.  The advertising is done for you.  The money collection, the shipping – everything – is done for you.   For a suggested minimum advertising budget of between $200 and $250 making money online is a reality for you.  And it only takes a few minutes to get started (outlined below).

This is a business in a box, so to speak.  No retail website. No brick and mortar shop to worry about, pay rent for or maintain.  AND you will earn a profit in your first month.  Not many businesses that can say that. 

If you are ready to begin earning an online income, THIS is for you.  If not – Then Thank You for checking it out.  And have a great day.  Those that are excited about this – please – read on……

Please read the rest of this document in full before signing up for this awesome, done for you system.  The hardest part is setting it up.  The next little bit will take you through everything you need to do. 

AI Marketing has set up joint venture affiliate/cashback projects with MANY on line retail suppliers from Domino’s Pizza to Ali Express. From Lenovo Computers to Wal Mart.  All linked to your specific affiliate advertising link for the robot to place so you can make money online.  The robot does all the setup and advertising for you.  

All you need do is sign up, fork out a bit of advertising cash – You cannot get away with not advertising – As little as $10 is all it requires, but you won’t get very far with that.  What is recommend is a minimum of $200 to $250.  The AI robot does all the ad placement for you, linking various products and services with super targeted advertising to create sales for you.  

First sale I made in 2021, was a Pizza.  I only made a few cents from it ($0.13) but as a pizza nut, I like that. The second sale was for something from The Outnet for over $500 purchase price.  Made much better commission on that one.  The robot sets up your system with more than 20,000 retailers/service providers for you.  All you have to do is put it to work by placing an advertising budget.  This is a super awesome opportunity to make money online – even for someone who has NEVER tried this before. Basically, set it and (almost) forget it. 

There is also a certificate available to help you get started for $50.  But you have to ask for it.  

It is a loan and is meant to show you how the system works and what it can do for you.  However, there are restrictions put on your account. If it is used you would still be required to put some of your own cash into the system to be able to access your earnings.  And no earnings can be withdrawn until you pay the $50 back…  From your earnings.  

How the heck is that going to help me?  You say?  Well, Basically you will earn about a $72 – 73 in commissions from it.  This will take about 3 weeks.  Then you pay back the certificate from those earnings and you have $22 – 23 in profit.  Trouble is, your minimum withdrawal is changed from $10, to $100 because you used the certificate, but only for the first one.  Once your first withdrawal is done, your minimum reverts back to $10.  So you will have to place a further $75 to $100  in your ad budget to make enough sales to meet the $100 minimum. This will probably take a couple of months to happen. This is why we strongly recommend starting this opportunity with $300+ as you will not have to use any more of your own money to top up again – it will be done from your earnings. 

If you don’t mind the wait and want to take advantage of the certificate, just ask the person who invited you to this post to email or message you the code for one,  after you sign up.  If you are going to use one, it also must be your first deposit.  Once a deposit is made out of pocket the option is no longer available.  It’s something to think about and because the $50 certificate will be 2- 3 weeks advertising for you, you can add $50 every couple of weeks or so.  Making it a bit easier to get involved. 

Make your decision as to how you want to get started and what you can put into it to get started.  With the certificate, you will need another $75 to $100, plus the time it takes to have $100 in spendable commissions to withdrawal.  Starting with the suggested minimum, you will be able to make your first withdrawal in a shorter period of time.  

There is also a lag time from pending commissions to spendable commissions. Have to give full disclosure.  

Wait a minute… Why does it take time for it???  Well, because these are internet sales to real people in the real world.  The companies that sell the product need to be sure the sale actually goes through so the put an “approval” time on each sale.  This time ranges from about 19 to 65 days. Averaging in the 30 day range.  Time for returns, or chargebacks etc.  So your commissions sit in a “pending wallet” until this time has past.  Once the sale is approved, they are then moved to your CashBack wallet and are spendable. 

Also, AI marketing gets a cut of the commissions you earn too.  A 45% cut.  Yes.  If you make a sale for $100 and the commission rate is 10%, you get $5.50 and AI Marketing gets $4.50.  Why?  1) because they have bills too.  🙂  But that’s not the only part.  See, part of the 45% goes into an insurance fund for sales that don’t get approved.  It happens.  Abandoned shopping carts that don’t get paid for, chargebacks, returns…  many reason for it.  When it DOES happen, AI marketing takes the commissions owed to you out of this insurance fund, so you get paid anyway.  It’s a good thing.  

There also is no maximum you can start with.  Want to earn $300 -350 a month to start with? Then put in $1000.  You want to earn $2,500 a month, put an ad budget in for at least $8,500.  Also know – the ad budget can be built up through profits earned.

No guarantees, of course.  Nothing is guaranteed except for death at some point or another :), but having a robot make and target the advertising for you will generate 25 – 35% profits every month with far less hassle than trying to figure out the affiliate marketing business on your own (I’m currently around 47% profits). 

We also have a 4 year history behind us.  Yes, the company was registered in 2017 and started on line with the MarketBot in 2018.  So there is good history behind AI marketing too.  So rest at ease knowing that this is almost guaranteed.  And designed for generational income.  As long as people are buying on line, AI marketing and the Market Bot – will be earning profits for the members.

Here is a short video.  

I now invite you to click on the signup link.

It is a 2 part sign up process.  Not difficult, just different. Step by step instructions below.   

When you click on the referral link, You will be taken to this page – 

Click on the “Register Now” button to create your account. See the big red arrow and underlined link in red. Next you will see this:

Your referrer’s details will be on the top line.  Enter your details in the boxes provided:  First name, Last name, email etc.. Solve the captcha and click Register

You will receive a welcome email from the company.  Gmail and Protonmail are good ones to use,  If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam folder.   A good idea is to add the sending address to your contacts.  Then you will be sure of getting further emails from the company.  

You will then be taken to a page that looks like this: (Will be YOUR information in the account line). 

Bookmark the page. You will access it often. 

Click on the line that has your info on it. Where you see my info displayed in this example.  It will ask for your password and there will be a Captcha to solve.  Then click Log in.

You will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Again – With YOUR login information at the top of the left menu. This is my personal back office. This is the INB side where the referral marketing is looked after.  You don’t HAVE to refer anyone.  But better to have access to the system when you start earning and talking about what you are doing with your friends.  Because they WILL want to know, and this is where the link you will use happens to be. 🙂  
The next step is to click the AI Marketing link – the one on the page, underlined in Red.  

Click on the Sign Up/Sign In button as indicated with red. You will then see this page:

ALWAYS use the blue brain to sign in. Then you see this page:

If your information isn’t showing, and you see username and password fields, enter the SAME login info you used previously. Same email, same password as before.  Solve the captcha and click Log In. You will then be taken to your AI Marketing Back office.  You will be asked to put in a name for the Bot.  (Sorry, I don’t have a picture for that.)  

Do so.  Call it whatever name you want to.  You are all set up.

It is now time to fund your advertising budget. 

Scroll down the left menu until you see “Top up” as underlined in red below and click it. 

You will then be taken to the Top Up Page:  

As you can see, there is an amount box and a method of payment box.  There are several ways to top up your advertising budget as you will see.  Even a few Crypto Currencies.  For your first deposit, there is a Certificate option as well.  If you want to use it, then ask your sponsor for it now.  If not:

Enter the amount you wish to start with.  I suggest $300+ as you will not need to add anymore of your money to this again.  Then  select which way you would like to pay from the drop down menu. (unfortunately Credit Cards are European Centric and don’t work for Canada, the USA, UK, Nigeria and Australia – those are the ones I know don’t work – they are working on fixing that)

Follow the instructions that will come up for whatever method you choose – For Credit card – enter your info and press pay.  For Crypto, copy the wallet address that is listed Paste it into the send to field in from your wallet. Then copy the amount from the top up page and paste it into the amount to send.  Be sure the amount AI Marketing will receive is the same as what the top up page information.  Always add whatever fee is required, if your wallet doesn’t do it automatically.  Then send it.  Be SURE and use the same Crypto coin you set to pay with.  Bitcoin doesn’t work with USDT or ETH etc.  They are NOT compatible. 🙂  For those in USA, Walmart stores now allow you to purchase bitcoin in them.

Your payment for your advertising budget is on it’s way.  For Crypto’s it may take 24 hours or so to reflect on your account.  That all depends on how busy the network being used is.  I don’t know how long a Card or other payment methods will take as I use crypto.  
If you want to use the Certificate – First – you have to ask for it. Contact the individual that sent you this info and ask. It’s your decision.  Remember it’s a LOAN, not a gift

You will click on Gift Certificate in the drop down menu on payment method..  Enter the code given and it will fill in the amount for you.  Click pay.  The $50 will reflect in the Ads Balance above the green card. 

REMEMBER – You will be required to pay that $50 back out of your earnings before you can make a withdrawal AND your account will be restricted to a $100 minimum first withdrawal. If you DON’T use it, the minimum withdrawal is $10.  Keep that in mind.  Personally, I I use it as it adds to my budget that I’ve added and my works better the higher the ad budget (every little helps!).

Once that is done – And your payment has made it to your account, it will take a further few days (48-72hrs) for the robot to set your ad campaigns up.  Then you will see Robot Working and funds will reflect in your advertising budget. 

It takes this time for  your bot to set up your links and ad campaigns with all the vendors.  It’s just the way it is. 🙂  Once your payment goes into your advertising budget, the Bot will start sending out super targeted ads, on your behalf.

You will start seeing sales within 24 hours after the AIMarketBot starts working, on average.    

There is nothing else you need to do except maintain the advertising budget when it gets low. Your FIRST withdrawal can be sent out of the system OR used for a top up to your advertising budget.  
The amount you earn will show on the card in the upper left corner of your back office. Pending first then as Cashback, which is the withdrawable money you have made on line with AI Marketing.

Why Pending?  Because there is a time frame from when the sale is made to when the actual cash is sent to your CashBack Wallet.  This is to insure against chargebacks, returns, shipping challenges etc.  This time frame averages about 40 days or so.  This is set by each individual merchant and there is no way to get around it. 

Here is an example of my pending days from sales made and the different vendors:

Minimum withdrawal/top up  is $10 using the payment gateways they offer.  Provided you DO NOT use the certificate, then the FIRST withdrawal/top up minimum is $100. There is no maximum. 

Basically, set your advertising budget based on the the amount you want to earn every month.  Want to earn $500?  Your ad budget ought to be about $1500 – $2000.  Is your goal $3,500 a month?  Then your ad budget should be in the $10,000 range.  

YES, you can build your advertising budget as you go.  If you start with $10, you WILL have to top up your ad budget frequently.  If you start with $350, you will be able to use profits to top up your ad budget.  The object is to not let the Market Bot stop working for you.  And if it runs out of funds, it will stop. It’s like having a car, it is still there but will not move if it runs out of fuel.

 Having been in this type of internet marketing for almost a decade… email, affiliate and direct marketing systems,  I have never seen the kind of results the AI Marketbot gets, which means money in the bank. Without you having to do much of anything.  Set up your ad budget, check on it a couple /three times a week and enjoy your day.  

You will also appreciate the ratio of click throughs resulting in sales from AI Marketing.  It is amazing how targeted and results oriented it is.  Making Money Online has never been easier.  When I first started – I made about $30 in less than 3 days, using about $2 of my advertising budget.  Totally awesome. 

I suggest you don’t wait and get started on this today.  The faster you do, the faster you will see cash begin to accumulate in your back office. 

Review the steps above for signing up. 
If you need any help to get it going, text me at (803) 368-5226, telegram @leighinmohr, Whatsapp me at +447368 144654 or email [email protected].  I will help you through the process so you can begin making money online.  

Life takes money.  Money is easy to come by when it is done through many avenues.  AI Marketing is only one way to be able to take care of the bills.  In my case, help my girls enjoy the finer things in life without the worry.  I know it can help you realize whatever dreams you have also. 

This works on compounding our earnings. To give you an idea of this opportunity, if you earn 40% on your earnings and top up for a year without withdrawing, that $500 will turn into $28,346.96 by month12.

12 months compounding Interest on $500

Now we recommend that you top up 80% of your profits and withdraw 20% of your profits to enjoy it.

If you decided to deposit $1000 over 24 months, it gets a little bit crazy.

Compound Interest over 24 months for $1,000

All the best and know I appreciate you. Best Regards, Graham

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice, your mileage may vary of course. However, I have been in for 10+ months and earned over 10k Euros. I have 7 close friends in and everyone is making 50% plus. YES, this is 100% legal.

Actual Screenshots from Various Accounts

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