June is an excellent time of year to promote your business. People are excited about summer, buying gifts for dads and grads, and preparing for the 4th of July—the season’s biggest holiday.

The only challenge is making sure your business stands out against the competition so customers find and choose what you offer.

That’s where we can help. This list of June promotion ideas and examples is full of creative ways to capture attention and encourage shoppers to become buyers.


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31 June promotion ideas

No matter how great your deal or product is, people won’t buy it if they don’t know about it. That’s why this list of promotion ideas for June is focused on stopping social scrollers and standing out in crowded inboxes.

Celebrate dads for Father’s Day

Great dads come in many forms. From biological fathers who own their parenting role to father figures who help when needed to stepfathers who step up to the challenge, they all deserve extra special treatment. You can help your customers give it to them with a well-timed Father’s Day promotion.

Use a unique discount code

Discount codes are great for two reasons. First, shoppers like to share them with friends. Second, you can track which sales came from a particular Father’s Day promotion.

June promotion ideas - Father's Day ad with a discount code.


A Father’s Day discount code is also versatile. You can promote it on Father’s Day social media posts, emails, and even through direct mailers. Remember to encourage customers to tell their friends for a little grassroots promotion.

Share a sweet message

We all know our dads can beat up their dads. But being a phenomenal parent also requires a lot of kindness and caring. Naturesutten taps into the bond between dad and child with its Father’s Day promotion.

June promotion ideas - Instagram ad for Father's Day


This feels like a more subtle way to engage customers (and it is), but the emotion behind it will give people a reason to pause. Consider how your product improves a dad’s day and use emotional language to tease it out.

Curate a list of Father’s Day gifts

Give Father’s Day shoppers a list of options to peruse, and they’ll be less likely to look elsewhere for the perfect gift.

June promotion ideas - Gift guide screenshot

Consider grouping the gifts by interest, like gifts for dads who like to grill, fish, or crochet (some do; don’t judge). You can also create price-point groups to help younger shoppers know what they can afford.

More June promotion ideas for Father’s Day

You can tweak the above examples to fit your goals. Or, try one of these other options:

  • Try a buy-one-get-one-free deal so dad and child get matching items.
  • Use an interactive quiz asking, “What type of dad is he?” and show matching gifts.
  • Give your email subscribers the option to opt out of Father’s Day promos because it can be challenging for some people.

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Go big on pre-4th of July promotions

As the name suggests, the 4th of July is not in June. But many people start thinking about the big day towards the end of this month. Invest some of your June promotion bandwidth in addressing the needs of these pre-planners.

Hold a huge sale

You won’t be the only business fighting for leads and customers with your pre-Independence Day deal. Now’s the time to highlight a big discount across your product line.

June promotion ideas -75% off sale ad

Images are essential here, so add the best, most attractive pictures of your products. And even if everything’s on sale, put products relevant to the 4th of July front and center.

Have a clearance event

A clearance sale is a double whammy for your business. It’s a way to promote better-than-normal discounts—which stand out in the sea of 4th of July ads. It’s also a chance to clear out last season’s leftovers to make room for new summer swag.

June promotion ideas -REI clearance ad

There’s no need to get fancy with the copy or design here. Use a bold color, make the most significant discount the most prominent font, and write a simple, clear call to action.

Make use of fun videos

You get the point that any pre-4th of July sale needs something special to stand out. Video is one of the best mediums for that. Businesses that use video are known to get more qualified leads, while consumers say they prefer watching videos to learn about new products and services.

June promotion ideas - screenshot of a july 4th video ad.


Don’t be afraid to be a little silly if that’s within your brand identity. Have fun filming the video, and your customers will watch it. Just make sure you’re still prominently placing the discount or product.

Once you’ve crafted your cinematic masterpiece, post the full version on YouTube (90% of people say they find new products on YouTube), then slice it up and promote snippets in Instagram Reels and on TikTok.

More June promotion ideas for pre-4th of July

Go big, get creative, and win with these pre-4th of July promotions:

  • Partner with other businesses and co-promote across your marketing channels to reach new audiences.
  • Use popular 4th of July hashtags (#happyfourthofjuly, #thefourth, #independenceday), so people looking at that content will find your promotion.
  • Bundle products that fit the 4th of July theme to increase add-on sales.

Launch summer-themed campaigns

June is the official start of summer—long days of warm sunshine offer ample opportunity for fun and adventure. Promote your business in a way that gets in on the summer fun.

Sponsor a summer solstice event

Not every June promotion needs to be a big sale. Or even sell your products directly. You can build brand awareness by participating in a summer-themed event like a summer solstice party.

June promotion ideas - Instagram post for a solstice party.


What’s incredible about this tactic is that many other organizations and individuals will promote the event within their networks. And if your logo is on the marketing materials, it’ll get in front of untold numbers of people who wouldn’t have heard of your business otherwise.

Discount popular seasonal products

We explained how a clearance event draws savvy summer shoppers to your business. You can do the same by offering a deal on popular products for the season.

June promotion ideas - ad for a sale on summer products.

You don’t need to offer as big of a discount here since they’re in-season products. Just make it a good enough deal to push shoppers over the purchase finish line. If you can personalize your marketing, include products people have recently viewed on your website.

Have a summer giveaway

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t like getting free stuff. The universal appeal of giveaways makes them an unbeatable tactic for your June promotion strategy.

The brand MYK Silk did so many things right with this summer giveaway that it’s worth reviewing.

June promotion ideas -summer-themed giveaway post.


First, the brand partnered with a complimentary business to offer an even more valuable prize while tapping into a larger audience. Then, they chose the right products: an assortment of summer essentials curated perfectly for the season. Finally, they asked people to follow both brands on Instagram, like the post, and tag a friend—all actions that leverage social media’s network effect.

More summer-themed June promotion ideas:

  • Write an educational blog post, like “10 Ways to Prep Your House for Summer,” showcasing your products or services.
  • Create a summer-themed landing page to help your summer-themed ads convert more sales.
  • Start a user-generated content campaign showing people using your products as they enjoy their summer adventures.

Promote June observance days

There are dozens of holidays, days of observance, and social media fun days in June. Leveraging this bounty of topics will help fill your June marketing calendar with creative promotions.

Support LGBTQ Pride Month

June is LGBTQ Pride Month. It’s a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the LGBTQ community and commemorate those who came before. Unlike other promotions on this list, you don’t want to go into this one with a hard sell. Instead, find a way to help amplify the community’s voices and show support.

One way to blend a promotion with the spirit of pride is to create a version of your product specifically for the month.

June promotion ideas - post promoting Pride themed beverages.


Giveaways, discounts during Pride events, and co-promoting LGBTQ-owned businesses are great, more accessible options. Just keep it authentic and supportive.

Launch a World Ocean Day campaign

Many people are concerned about conservation and sustainability. Supporting the causes that are important to your customers gives you a chance to connect with them and keeps your business top of mind.

Coola does a good job balancing promoting its products with showing support for World Ocean’s Day (June 8).

June promotion ideas -Ocean Day ad from Coola.


Coola did it by explaining how its products help protect, or at least don’t hurt, ocean reefs. That’s an excellent message for people thinking about ocean health. The brand also offered a way for people to easily donate to a related non-profit by simply rounding up their purchase amounts.

Join in on National Selfie Day

Here’s another brand awareness campaign to try in your June promotion mix. Selfies are viral on social media (#selfie has over 450 million posts on Instagram). National Selfie Day is on June 21, a perfect way to introduce your brand via this popular trend.

June promotion ideas -Social media post of a group selfie.


How can you join in? Ask your staff to share selfies on your social feed. Create a hashtag like #showusyourselfie so customers can share their pictures with you. Hold a contest where people enter by sharing a selfie while holding your product. Get a little creative, and you’ll get a winning June promotion.

More June promotion ideas for days of observance

Every day of June has multiple holidays, social media fun days, and days of observance. Here are a few highlights to use for your promotions:

  • National Trails Day (June 1)
  • National Donut Day (June 7)
  • Global Wellness Day (June 8)
  • Flag Day (June 14)
  • National Fudge Day (June 16)
  • Juneteenth (June 19)
  • Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 21)
  • Global Beatles Day (June 25)
  • World Social Media Day (June 30)

Heat up your marketing with these June promotion ideas

June is a busy month for marketers because there are many great opportunities to show up for and in front of new customers. Where there’s opportunity, there’s usually competition, so there’s also a need to bring your biggest and best promotions to your June marketing plan.

As you’re figuring out how to get the most out of your June promotions, look to see how our solutions can help you maximize the return from your marketing efforts.

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