HELP – CRM Suggestion

I receive lots of emails, and I have to send a personalized Google doc to each one of the senders.I was using Pigeon CRM to generate the Google doc with one click, but now it’s been discontinued. It was able to generate Google doc personalised automatically with the merge tags I saved in Pigeon’s right sidebar on Gmail.

Here is how it works:

With the same tool I was also able to reply to each email with a message personalized from a template, or even with a full sequence, as you can see here:

I haven’t found a valid alternative to automate this CRM for Gmail after months of research, nothing is even close, and now I am wasting countless hours in these repetitive tasks.

If you have any suggestion, paid or free, please comment here. So far a developer asked me $5k to develop something like that, but that’s way out of my budget.I can tinker with Google scripts if needed, but I am no coder. Thanks everyone!

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