Many authors would kill
to make good money writing books, to see their books land with a real
publisher, and to gain some notoriety. In last year’s Oscar-nominated movie,
American Fiction, a Black writer struggles to have any of this, despite putting
together quality literary works. Then, one day, fed up by seeing what he views
as low-brow books getting industry attention and huge commercial success, he
asks his literary agent to peddle a sub-par manuscript filled with
stereotypical depictions of Black people as a joke.

He soon finds out the white establishment book
industry is eager to embrace his gangsta-in-da-hood, ghetto-style book. He is
reluctant to have it published and is further disgusted to see that such books
are what gets published and not the quality literary content he has produced.

The academician peddles a farcical “black novel”
that gets eaten up by guilt-ridden woke whites who think the black experience
is only poverty, racism, violence, and broken families. But sadly, publishing
is looking not just for the next great American novel, but also the next
greatest LGBTQ novel, Black novel, woman’s novel, and novel’s of every group.

Book publishing now recruits to publish authors of
books that meet its DEI targets. Whatever happened to a standard, not of race,
but simply quality?

The movie is a
satirical expose on publishing, takes a look at racism, and offers commentary
on relationships: marriage, parents, siblings).

I agree with the movie’s overall concept that book
publishing’s gatekeepers often fail to publish worthy gems while green-lighting
garbage. It also shows it has a racial blind spot. But it also reveals the news
media and reading public as being just as dumb as the book publishing industry.

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