Hello all. 1st ever post. Long time reader. I’m purchasing a small CPG business. It’s established with roughly 180 customer accounts. (Soon to be 🤞🏻) previous owner was very old fashioned. All his records are paper and pen. I am a tech savvy person so will be updating just about everything once we get rolling. One of the main considerations will be how to manage customer data — from profile, order history, opportunities, revenue, etc. I will be entering tons of data to get going. Then I will need to have customizable functionality for growth and expansion. And also integration to what I suspect will be Shopify. And maybe Shopify is all in one solution? In previous career stops I’ve used Salesforce, Hubspot, and a few others. But those were not necessarily applicable to my new business venture. I’ve done some research and found a few options but don’t want to create any bias so I’m looking to the community here for guidance. r/smallbusiness r/distribution r/crm r/customerrelationshipmanagement

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