Dune London Collaborates With Jermaine Jenas on Footwear Edit

This season, Dune London collaborates with iconic football player Jermaine Jenas for a curated AW23 Men’s footwear collection. Launched on September 19, the capsule edit integrates a premium profile which includes high-quality leather boots, cleated loafers, and Jenas’ ‘go-to’ must-have sneakers. Born in 1992, the footwear brand started its empire on London’s iconic Oxford Street. Taking off with […]

RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. Launch Diamond-Inspired Collection

Where luxury meets style and timelessness, RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. have teamed up for a limited-edition capsule collection. The daring, diamond-inspired travel pieces made of incomparable materials come together to take viewers on a treasured journey unlike any other. Marking its official arrival on the 26th of September, the collection represents the time-honoured craftsmanship […]

Hyundai Motor Group Takes Over New York City to Support 2030 World Expo Bid

Art cars from Hyundai Motor Group are conquering New York City as they take to the streets in support of Busan’s bid for the 2030 World Expo. The art cars embody Busan’s vibrant spirit with graffiti-inspired designs and will be displayed in various landmarks. Busan, a South Korean city, is bidding to host the 2030 […]

Big Talk From Small LEGO – Toy Company CEO Tops the Nordic Leader Speaker Index

The AI analysis looked into ten Nordic company leaders’ speaking skills, assessing six factors to measure the speaker’s impactfulness. The leaders analyzed represent the most valuable brands from the Nordics. LEGO Group CEO Niels B. Christiansen tops the list, followed by H&M CEO Helena Helmersson, and Telia CEO Allison Kirkby. Finnish giant Nokia places 10th. HELSINKI, […]

Snapchat Logo: History, Meaning, and Evolution

Did you know that Snapchat, a company with 397 million daily active users, created its iconic Snapchat logo in just one evening? Even better, the person behind its design was not even a professional graphic designer.  Besides its unique product, Snapchat’s striking success can be attributed to its logo too. The iconic ghost is one of […]

Opinion on brand name

Whats your intial thought when you hear “Strayd Collective “. It’s a colorblocking Streetwear brand . submitted by /u/sneakpreme223 [link] [comments]

Best branding courses?

Looking for a course on internal branding. Brand creation, brand storytelling. Ideally 2 days to 4 weeks long. Any high quality recommendations? submitted by /u/Dismal-Rutabaga2283 [link] [comments]

TET 2024: Market Insights and Consumer Behavior

Tet 2024, the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, is not just a celebration – it’s a vibrant explosion of culture and tradition that paints the country in hues of hope, renewal, and good fortune.  Imagine the excitement of spring’s arrival, the anticipation of a fresh start on the lunar calendar, and the universal embrace of […]

Brand Safety’s Secret Role in Brand Suitability

With the rise of online advertising and social media, brands can reach consumers in unimaginable ways. However, with great opportunity comes great responsibility, especially when we are talking about brand suitability. In this digital age where the internet is filled with tons of information, ensuring your brand is seen in a safe and appropriate context […]

Why Fear Based Advertising Wins

Brands and businesses are talking more than ever about the environment. The percentage of ads tested by Kantar LINK with some sort of social or environmental message (SEM) held steady at 2 percent or less from 2010 to 2019. From 2020 to 2022, it tripled to 6 percent, and is at 5 percent year-to-date. That […]