How I Approach Remarketing Now

Back in the day, remarketing was a huge part of my ad strategy. It fell into two buckets. 1. I did general remarketing to a wide range of people who were connected to me. These were the people most likely to perform the action I wanted. An example was targeting all of my website visitors […]

Ignore This Warning in Ads Manager

This warning is just wrong… Ad set may get zero leads. We recommend trying the following to avoid getting zero leads: Expand your audience. You may have seen something like it related to leads, conversions, or whatever else you may optimize for. The Problem The problem is that I saw this warning in an ad […]

Audience Segments for Manual Sales Campaigns

Whoa, look at this! Now when you create a manual Sales campaign, you should see a Reporting section at the bottom of the campaign. What Is This? This is something that was previously made available for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns. You define your Engaged Audience and Existing Customers within your Ad Account Settings. When you go […]

Unskippable Ad Breaks on Instagram

Last week, Dan Levy reported seeing a new ad experience in his Instagram feed. While scrolling, he was forced to stop. Then a timer started with the words Ad Break and he was forced to watch the video ad before scrolling again. While unskippable video ads aren’t new for Meta, I don’t think we’ve seen […]