Is AI Coming for My Fundraising Job?

The sudden prevalence of AI is in many ways astounding. We heard mere whispers of its potential three years ago and now we find it present in almost every app, feature, and technology. As AI has become more and more ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives, corporations and nonprofit organizations alike have adopted AI to increase […]

Gen Z Is Ready to Join Your Junior Board of Directors

“Wait. We’re still figuring out (and struggling with) simply how to work with Gen Z. Now you want us to invite them on our boards?” Short answer: Yes! (Well, sort of.) First, please stick with me for a short personal anecdote. I’m an elder (40-year-old) millennial. My close circle includes two younger cousins, both members […]

Best AI Text-To-Image Generators for 2024 [Start for free]

Best AI Text-To-Image Generators for 2024 [Start for free] These AI Text-To-Image Generators come with a free trial. Be sure to check them out and learn how to use them to your advantage. Start today. When creating content, you need a Story, Marketing Copy, and a Visual. The story you want to tell is uniqly yours, […]

Zero Party Is Still A Good Party

Zero-party data is voluntarily, willingly shared by constituents.  First-party data is passively collected, it’s the footprint left from the interaction with your brand – website tracking data, open/click email data, donation data. First-party is more abundant but requires inference and assumption, zero-party is a much greater degree of knowing and understanding. There are three types […]

A Positive Trend In Fundraising That’s Applicable to All We Do

“What trends are you seeing across your peer group or aspirant peers?” I asked a client team last week. “Campaigns that play down the monetary goal and play up specific projects or initiatives,” was the consensus. Yay! I was so thrilled to hear that. Some of us have been pushing for this for more than […]

Five Tactics for Effective Communication in Nonprofit Project Management

Effective communication is the key to successful project management, especially with the shift to hybrid and remote work environments. Managing projects and teams can be tricky, even in an office, but careful communication must happen in all work formats to ensure smooth processes and high-quality work. Approaching project management practices with curiosity rather than judgment […]

The Building Blocks of a Digital Advocacy Campaign, Part 2

Fostering Authentic Relationships With and Amongst Your Audience  Digital advocacy is critical to moving missions forward, creating systemic change, educating your base, and mobilizing leaders who are loyal to your organization and committed to the larger movement in which you operate. This is especially true during an election year. That’s why we started this series—the […]

5 Tips for Creating Shareable Content Your Audience Will Love

“Content is King,” but does that go for any content? In the age of AI and accessible software, it is increasingly easier to churn out content. However, creating shareable content is another beast.  Optimizing content for your nonprofit should start by looking at your audience. The most important thing your content needs to do is […]

Choosing the Best eCommerce SEO Agency: Key Factors to Know

Choosing the Best eCommerce SEO Agency: Key Factors to Know In today’s digital marketplace, having an online store is crucial for business growth. However, simply having a website isn’t enough; you need to ensure it’s easily discoverable through search engines to attract more customers. That’s where an eCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency comes in. […]

Boost Your Business with a Local Melbourne SEO Agency

Boost Your Business with a Local Melbourne SEO Agency Having a great online presence is essential for companies of all kinds in the modern digital world. Yet, one of the most vital factors here is the search-engine optimization (SEO), which makes it more accessible and as a result draws more customers to get into your […]