For this PRmoment Podcast, something completely different. It’s one of those shows I thought I might have to do one day but I hoped that day would never come.

On today’s show, Daney Parker reflects on 15 years as PRmoment’s editor. If you haven’t heard already, Daney is leaving her role as PRmoment editor.

So today – it’s her running for the hills goodbye show!

Daney and I started PRmoment back in 2009 when we were both, shall we say, between jobs. We didn’t know each other, and I think it’s fair to say we both took a punt on each other, and it’s worked out.

Today, Daney, who has written well over 1,000 articles about public relations, will look back on her time as a journalist covering public relations to reflect on where PR has come from and where it might be headed!

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Here’s a summary of what Daney and I discussed:

2.30 mins Daney talks about why she is leaving PRmoment and what she is up to next.

“When people die, you have to look after yourself and your family. Because it is upsetting.”

“You have to accept that life isn’t always happy and joyful but you have to strengthen yourself and nurture yourself. It’s important to do that during difficult times.”

“I love writing, words have always been my thing…it’s very important to give yourself a creative output.”

6 mins Daney talks about how she felt as the editor of a start-up PR mag that no one had heard of when PRmoment started back in 2009.

“Marketing Week made the whole editorial department redundant.“

“It’s been nice to focus on PR. It’s one of the most interesting sectors. It’s also a sector that is thriving. Compared to above the line advertising, which is a completely different beast to when I started my career.”

“It’s a fascinating industry and it evolves all the time.”

12.30 mins “Looking back, I’m a bit surprised we managed to pull it off!”

17.30 mins What makes a good features journo different from a news journalist?

“It’s not such a craft news journalism, it’s a skill… you have to be ruthless as a (good) news journalist. If you get a good piece of information from a friend, you’re going to use it. And you might lose a friend.”

21 mins Daney reveals her favourite ever PRmoment columnist in the last 15 years.

“I have to say, Francis. He was scurrilous. Which is always interesting…He was prepared to upset people.”

23 mins Was the demise of the PRmoment column Hacked Off Flack the beginning of Cancel Culture?

27 mins Daney reflects howPR is different now, compared to 15 years ago.

“Do people work harder now in PR? They certainly drink less.”

31.30 mins As a journalist, how was it writing about public relations?

“PR generally does a very good job. Of course, there will always be some teething problems. But every journalist is different.” 

“Journalism is quite stressful and PR people are a good scapegoat.”