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With businesses watching every dollar, today’s marketers and marketing leaders need to demonstrate ROI on their martech investments or risk losing them. 

Gartner’s 2023 Martech Report drew a great deal of attention when it reported falling utilization rates for marketing technology applications. The report showed a steady decline in martech utilization and put the blame on a lack of training and the complexity of the solutions.

In truth, many of the software applications used in the modern business have relatively low utilization rates for a number of reasons. Most users of common applications like Microsoft Word, for example, use relatively few features of the powerful software because they simply don’t need them.

While the decrease in utilization rates of martech applications is more a sign of evolution than a cause for alarm, marketing teams still need to watch their expenses, especially when spending is tight. 

Join MarTech contributors Tim Hillison, Founder & CMO, Entry Point 1, and Mark Ogne, Founder & CEO, ABM Consortium for a discussion about getting the most out of your martech. This podcast was originally streamed during the MarTech Conference, Spring 2024. 

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