Google Search Console link report may be broken or maybe Google decided to report on fewer links in that tool. Many are seeing huge declines in the number of links the tool is showing them when compared to last week.

More details. Starting Monday, May 27th, many SEOs began to notice a decline in the number of links being reported and then as of this morning, many are noticing massive declines, some even showing zero links being reported in the tool.

I am seeing a 40% reduction in the links reported today when compared to just a few days ago.

Here is my link report from today:

Here is a screenshot from the same report from May 27th:

Bug or feature. Google has not yet commented on this issue, so either this is some sort of reporting glitch – like we saw yesterday with product snippets report – or it is a feature, where Google is just showing fewer links.

Either way, you are not alone, everyone is seeing a huge decline in the number of links reported in the Google Search Console reports.

Why we care. Truth is, I don’t think you need to care about this. Everyone is seeing the decline in link counts. This is just a report and it does not directly influence your rankings in Google Search.

So continue working on your website and making content that matters, and maybe focus less on these buggy reports?

Postscript. Google is investigating the issue said Daniel Waisberg from the Google Search team: