Learning Phase

Most Meta advertisers know all about the learning phase. It’s the period of time when Meta’s systems are learning from your results to better optimize. You generally need up to 50 optimized events in a seven-day period to exit the learning phase.

Learning Phase

But, I’ve heard from several advertisers who are seeing something different in Ads Manager.

A New Learning Phase?

Instead of 50 conversions, progress is tracked to 10. And instead of lasting seven days, it will last up to three.

learning phase

Even if you were to argue that the shortened period of time makes the 10 conversions more difficult to get, it’s still equivalent to about 23 conversions over seven days — or about half of what it was before.

What This Could Mean

Such a change could mean achieving stable performance much more quickly than in the past. It could also mean that low-budget advertisers have a better chance of exiting the learning phase.

While the inability to exit learning isn’t necessarily a death sentence, it surely exists as a perceived impediment to advertisers who know they won’t get to that magic number. This could alter strategies.

Nothing Official Yet

As far as I can tell, all of Meta’s documentation still reflects 50 conversions and seven days.

Learning Phase

This is either a test or the very early stages of a new rollout, prior to getting that documentation updated.

Do you have this update?

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