In recent years, the digital advertising industry has seen major changes in how brands promote themselves. The days of annoying pop-ups are long behind us. And with the primary goal of the new era being the improvement of user experience, it means less intrusive ads and more subtle ways of advertising. And that’s where models like native video advertising come into play.

What Is Native Video Advertising?

Native video advertising refers to video ads that match the content and function of the website on which they appear. To put it simply, native video ads are subtly integrated with the surrounding content of a website. This makes them less disruptive to the user’s overall experience. In the last couple of years, ads such as native in-feed ads, which look and feel as if they are a part of the editorial content, and native mobile video ads have been gaining momentum, especially now that the most used devices for viewing video content are smartphones.

Illustration of native video ad types

Why Use Native Video Ads?

Native advertising enables brands to promote products or services without being “too in-your-face”. Namely, the beauty of native ads is that they match the context of the website or social network they appear on. In that sense, they can combat banner blindness, as consumers don’t really perceive them as ads. That’s why they usually have higher click-through rates than display ads for example. In addition, one of the selling points of native ads in general is that they can bypass ad-blocking software, allowing you to reach your target audience without delay. So, if you opt for this model, you can expect the following: 

  • Higher Engagement Rates – The non-disruptive nature of these ads encourages users to watch and interact, leading to higher engagement rates.
  • Positive Perception – Native video ads contribute to a positive user experience, as users appreciate content that feels integrated and contextually relevant, making your brand more favorable in the eyes of end users
  • Credibility – Studies show that end users trust ads and recommendations seen in editorial content much more than recommendations from user-generated content and social media ads. Though, this has a lot to do with the context and reputation of your website. 
  • Flexibility – Advertisers can choose from various ad formats like in-feed, in-content, sponsored, and more. Additionally, these ads are often designed with mobile optimization in mind, making sure your brand reaches every device possible. 

Why Choose Native Over Instream Video Ads?

Illustration for ad fatigue

The Internet has been oversaturated with instream video ads (especially pre-roll), so much so that ad fatigue is at its peak. That’s why native video ads are a direct solution to this problem. Unlike instream, when native video ads play, for example, within editorial content, they aren’t disruptive to the viewer’s experience since they can just scroll past them. This also increases the chances of the consumer stopping and actually looking at what the ad is promoting. And, arguably, the skippability of instream video ads doesn’t necessarily eliminate the end users’ annoyance and disinterest.

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What Makes Our Native Video Advertising Solution Different? 

The selling point for native video ads is their ability to blend in with the website content, to be as subtle as possible. But are these native video ads truly as subtle as they seem? 

At the end of the day, many of these video ads, like native ads promoted on YouTube and Facebook, are labeled as “sponsored” or “promoted” to distinguish them from organic content. So, it might not make much of a difference in the eyes of the end user. But is there any way to truly be non-intrusive and, at the same time, promote your brand

There is. TargetVideo’s native video solution is different from the rest. Our native solution offers advertisers a way to seamlessly incorporate products in original context-relevant video content and deliver it through our native player to brand-relevant websites, without being intrusive. This means that your product will be featured in our in-house produced videos that cover a variety of subjects (home, DIY, sports, auto, etc.,) and match your brand in terms of theme or content vertical.

For example, our editorial video might be about kitchen hacks, and your brand’s product, e.g., kitchen stationery, is incorporated into the video without being too aggressive and pushy. In this way, you can promote your product to well-targeted audiences in a non-intrusive manner. 

Illustration of native video advertisement
Your product will be incorporated into our native video

TargetVideo for Advertisers 

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