I have a lot of experience with design (proof for non believers, its my studio its my studio www . EmpireWebStudio . com ), but lately my client network started to fade out, so I thought: let’s find some marketing partners (i suck at marketing big time)

My way of thinking: a lot of us here needs job (or extra job), so lets help each other.

You find client for me (anything related to graphic or web design or UI UX)

I complete the project

You take your cut (give me the offer, how big your cut would be)

If you are afraid of scam: client gives money to you, then you give money to me

If you have other idea how this could work out, feel free to say.

Also if you know about some small remote company, that needs designer, please tell me

I tried Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, but most jobs there look like copy – paste thing, just to present a cover up, for giving job to somebody from company internal circle.

TO MODS: sorry if this post brake some of the rules, but i don’t know where to ask about this.

I also don’t have hundreds of USD to spend on Google / Instagram / Facebook ads (living in the damn third world country is not fun..)

Im just trying to find honest job, and help someone else who needs more money.

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