Hi, I’m building a website for a non-profit on WordPress using Breakdance Builder and WooCommerce, where we’ll be selling sponsorships and merch. We also have a Square, QuickBooks, and Google Workspace account that I’m aiming to have cohesively connected together. Most of our communications will be done via WorkSpace, but we need a landing spot for form, WooCommerce, and sponsorship data. You might have seen my other post from a little over a week ago.

I’m looking into CRMs, however we are very small and don’t have very much in regards to a budget. Even the “free” Salesforce licenses were going to cost a minimum of $2000 for a class and 60-100 hours to set up. And anything around $1000 per user (Like Copper) is still too pricey, though I understand that’s not unheard of. I’m not going to lie, if it wasn’t for the store and needing to keep track of logos for sponsorships, I would have just gotten a little creative with an extension for syncing Google Contacts together on Workspace.

I’ve been looking at JetPack CRM. It’s ~$200/year for the paid version so I can add WooCommerce and some automations, no user or contact limit as far as I can tell. It’s built-in to WordPress as an extension. I’m thinking of connecting it up via something like Zappier, Bit Integrations, WPFusion, Pipedream or some combo of them. I’ve played around with the free version of JetPAck CRM and it seems alright, but I haven’t tried connecting it up yet.

Anyways, has anyone used JetPack CRM before? Thoughts? Any problems you’ve run into with long-term use that I might not with basic testing? And how did you get it connected to what you needed?

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